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Monday, November 26, 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. B had a good day and was a total trooper as we paraded her around town. She even had her first taste of mashed potatoes. She wasn't too sure about them and made some pretty funny faces but I'm sure one day she will realize how tasty they are!


I think we are back into teething this week. Lots of chewing and gum smacking. But where are the teeth? We gave her celery sticks and carrot sticks to chew on and she loved it! Also I mentioned she had been constipated but man did I clear that up with the advice of a nurse. She said peaches, prunes, apricots, and pears. She also said to feed her only green veggies. We followed her advice and voila! Poopy diapers...yay! ;)


Still battling the 5:30 am wake up call. Last night we stayed out late at church and she went to bed at 7:45. Since I'm writing this at 10:45 pm I can't tell you if she slept in or not. I'm hoping she does because I'm up late (hey this is late for me!). Lately if I'm lucky she's been waking at 6 and then we play for a while and go for a run. By the time we get back she is ready for her first nap around 9am. Usually I get an hour and a half nap out of her. Then she takes her next nap at about 1 for an hour. She varies with her late afternoon nap. Sometimes she takes one, sometimes not depending on what were up to.


Still nursing like a champ. In the morning when she wakes she takes both sides which means I'm not pumping anymore. This saves me time and since I'm home with her I don't really have to stress about having a big milk supply. This week she ate turnips and loved them (big surprise). She also is eating small pieces of food (not puréed).


She was quite social this weekend with thanksgiving. She got to meet some of her cousins for the FIRST time! Here she is meeting Annie for the first time. Love! They had so much fun :)


Once we got the constipation out of the way she hasn't been crying when pooping. But man was she MAD when she was stopped up. I felt so bad for her because I could tell she was hurting. :( She also cries when I lay her down to be dressed or changed on her changing pad. She's been doing this forever but I always forget to mention it. You would think she would like getting a clean diaper but who knows... Other than that she still only cries when overtired around her bed time. Oh, or if a sudden noise startles her (like Bella barking).


Eating chunks of food like avocado and cantaloupe. Drinking from a cup. Saying MAMA intentionally! Yay! It's funny because I noticed that she says Dada when happy and Mama when she's unhappy. Hmmmmm...

Post partum

Well this may be TMI but my cycle is back and running. Happy thanksgiving to me. Sigh. I had really been enjoying my 18 month streak without it.



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