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Monday, November 12, 2012

Finally it feels like Fall! B has been rockin her fake uggs (fuggs) and wearing her warm head bands. She came out and waited at the finish line for us at our half marathon and was so entertained by all the activity. It was so good to see her sweet face at the end!


Believe it or not I think B is slimming down. Her tummy is pretty flat and I noticed now that if I don't snap her diapers on the third snap she soaks herself


Still so healthy! Still no teeth.


The time change was annoying. She typically now wakes up at 5:30. But I think she had already realized that I'm not coming in to get her till 6:30 so she just quietly plays in her bed or falls back asleep for a little bit.


This week we ate watermelon, pineapple and quinoa. Although she ate the quinoa she kinda gagged it down unless I mixed it with juice and oatmeal. We're still struggling with the poopin thing. I don't get how it's so hard to poo when all you eat are fruits and veggies?!


B has been running errands with me and my mom quite a bit lately. We've been hitting up lots of furniture stores and B has been so great! Daddy be warned, B is turning into a little shopper! Today we are taking B for a hike. And then this weekend B is hanging out with just her daddy! To say I'm a little nervous is an understatement... Not because I don't trust matt but because B doesn't take a bottle and mama's gonna be far away.


She still lets loose when she gets tired and people are too loud or get in her face. But overall she is such a good girl!


Still lots of talking. No crawling yet though! She can get on all fours but can't quite figure out how to get anywhere.

Post partum

Spoiler alert: I did complete the race but I'll let you know tomorrow all the details and if I met my goal or not!

Shoe Challenge:


Grey sweater Uggs

Grey leather boots

Straight Uggs. I don't care if they are "out". My feet needed them after my run! Oh, and obviously getting lazy with the bed making!
I also wore my Toms this weekend but forgot to take a pic. Maybe today?


  1. OMG Where did you get that earwarmer for her?? SOO FREAKING CUTE! I want to get one for A, Temps are starting to barely get out of the 50s anymore and I know freezing temps will be here before we know it!

    B does look like she turning into a big girl! As far as foods, I know sweet potatoes are loaded with fiber, so they could help her. Apples and cereals can constipate, and when all else fails prune juice should help things move :)

    Congrats on the 1/2 marathon!

    1. ear warmer was from it's like a website that features designer stuff on sale for kids and moms. kind of like Gilt for adults if you have heard of them. but i bet etsy sells them too!

      i'm buying sweet potatoes today...

  2. B is so cute! I love reading your blog...and it makes me baby crazy. The shoe challenge is so great! I love your sweater uggs and grey boots.

  3. B is so darling always, and especially in her little knit headband! I love her style :) Congrats on finishing the race - so impressive!

    Quick question - how do you like your carseat and stroller? I'm just 16 weeks pregnant but we're starting to think 'baby gear' and would love any/all insight.


    1. i have a BOB stroller for running and love it. I also have a maclaren stroller but shes just starting to fit into that. it's kind of for bigger kids.

      i have a baby trend car seat that snaps into a stroller base called a snap and go. there are lots of versions of this and i definitely recommend you get something like it. i have a britax carseat for when she gets older.

      hope this helps!

  4. The picture of B in the shopping cart is my fave! And I love her little headband too! Is this weekend the first time you'll be away from her? Oh man! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!


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