Nailed it

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My good friend Chelsea from college is an amazing nail artist. She is also a great school psychologist but that's not as fun. ;) Anyway this weekend she did all of our nails and I was seriously impressed...

My nails: navy, khaki, bronze
Diana's nails: champagne, pink, and bronze
Kelly's nails: blue with chevron
Laura's nails: pink and champagne
Shadi's nails: purple ombré with feather
Ta da!
Me, kell, di, and laura flashing our fabulous nails
Aren't they so cook? I can't wait to do the Ombré look on my own now that I know the trick! Thanks so much Chelsea for all your hard work! Staying up till two am doing our nails was crazy but totally worth it. :)

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