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Monday, November 5, 2012

Yesterday B turned 8 months! I just can't get over how much we have been enjoying her lately. I love her more and more each day. I remember when I used to pawn her off on people who wanted to hold her because I enjoyed the break, but lately I just want her all to myself so I can squeeze those thighs and kiss her cheeks! She is just SO precious!

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Still so thankful she has never been sick. Mama's got good milk!

6:30 to 6:30. Still working on getting back on track with her daily naps. Really seems like every day is different to as when she goes down and wakes up. Just depends on what we are doing for the day!

6-12 months and nine months. LOVE getting her clothes from Baby Gap and H&M.

She loves running errands with me mostly because she gets a ridiculous amount of attention. I swear it takes me twice as long at the grocery store. Little old ladies and people in general love commenting on her blue eyes. Sometimes when they get too close though B starts crying. It's pretty embarrassing but I usually blame it on it being close to nap time so they don't feel bad...

She has been doing well in Sunday School (so they tell me...) and when I handed her off this week there were no tears. 
Still milk every 3-4 hours. Solids this week include broccoli, quinoa (to help get her poopin'), pineapple, cantaloup, and watermelon (too bad it's all out of season). 

She doesn't seem to mind when strangers hold her, but if they get in her face when she's not being held by me (like in her stroller or shopping cart) she makes a big frown and starts crying. I thought it was an aversion to older men but turns out she does it with anyone (even my mom and Matt the other day!). 

Lately she has been jumping like a kangaroo in her jumper! She just can't get enough of it and especially likes it when I sit next to her so she can show me all her moves. Such a ham. 

So much talking going on I just know "mama" is going to come soon! And although she says "dada" M and I both agree she probably doesn't quite get that he is dada since she says it to me as well... She does mimic "dada" and "hi" and other short words well. We both also swear we have seen her wave hello and goodbye lately. We're not sure if it's legit or a fluke yet but either way it's cute. :)

post partum
I would love it if my hair would stop falling out at an epic rate. Seriously it's bad. M gets just as annoyed with my shedding as he does our dog's shedding. Sigh. If I hadn't already had my thyroid tested before I got pregnant I would be concerned. I'm wondering if I should have it re-tested or if this is normal? Any advice, moms?

Our half marathon is this Sunday! Eek! I am definitely nervous and hope to finish without walking. After that I will be tailoring back on running and jumping into more bootcamp and fitness classes.


  1. She is so precious! Lately I've been finding myself doing the same thing; I always use to hand my son off & like you said, I was happy for the break, but in the past month I've wanted him all to myself :)

  2. That's amazing that she sleeps 6:30 - 6:30. Any tips on how you started her sleep routine?

    1. i had to be tough! the older she has gotten the earlier she has been wanting to go to bed. at six months the doctor told me no more allowing her to nurse in the middle of the night. he said she doesn't need it. so it took about a week to teach her we weren't getting up for her anymore. she would fuss for 30 minutes and then 15 and then not at all. we did allow her to self soothe and she had to learn to put herself back to sleep. it really is a miracle. i thought she would NEVER sleep through the night! we also have a bedtime routine. dinner, bath, walk in the stroller, story/nurse, then bed. we don't go back into her room once she is in bed. she doesn't cry anymore when we put her down. she likes her bed! hope this helps. :)

      i highly recommend the books Baby Wise and Happy Baby Healthy Sleep Habits.

  3. We take the picture on an empty wall and then my hubby adds the text in photoshop. we stole the idea off of pinterest :)

  4. We are on the 630 bedtime as well for our 15 month old and my husband and I love it. He is a great sleeper and it allows us to have our nights together. We have number two on the way and I know I will dread the sleep training but it is so worth it when they sleep for 12 hours at night.

  5. What a beautiful baby girl! Love your blog! I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant, and it's so fun to get a glimpse at what we have to look forward to.

  6. Your updates of her are so thorough and fun to read! : ) Her 8 month pictures are just perfect! It's so fun to watch her grow! She's already 8 months?!?
    As for your thyroid question... I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after having Dillon. (Unless the diagnosis was right before. I can’t remember exactly.) But I’ll need to take pills everyday for the rest of my life! My hair did/does fall out like crazy. BUT I had other symptoms & it runs in my family! So unless you have additional concerns, (excessive fatigue, easily cold, dry skin, bridle hair/fingernails, etc.) I wouldn’t run out & get a blood test asap. Maybe just mention it next time you’re at the Dr! : )

  7. Just found your blog and love it! I also "try" to do a Motherhood Mondays post, but lately just adjusting to having a newborn gets in the way of blogging. Can't wait to follow more of your journey!

  8. Blair is getting so big and is SUCH a cutie!! My little guy Owen and her seem to have a lot in common!!


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