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Monday, November 19, 2012

Well we survived the weekend! Talk about a huge sigh of relief! I had a GREAT time visiting my best friends and Matt played super Daddy flawlessly. I mean not only did I come home to a baby that was well taken care of but he also did a ton of house projects. Our headboard arrived and M installed it (it looks amazing!) and he worked with our friend to cover our patio to make it rain proof.

B did end up taking most of her bottles and was such a good girl. Lots of new things happened while I was away. Here are the details...


We're in the middle of cold season and either of us have yet to get our first cold. I know saying it out loud could be jinxing myself but I am thankful for our health.


B is still sleeping through the night but she did have a couple of weird nights last week. One night she woke at four am crying and I knew that wasn't normal. When I went in and checked on her she could not be consoled so I checked her diaper and she had the tiniest poop. :( Needless to say she was constipated but ended up workin it out. Poor thing I could tell that she was in pain. Also while I was gone M said B woke up one night and wanted to be consoled. M rocked her for a while and she finally went back down but we never did find out why she was upset. I'd like to think that she missed me...


She's been eating lots of plums, quinoa, cantaloupe, and cauliflower. Also this weekend she actually picked up a puff and put it in her mouth and ate it! It wasn't quite a pincer grasp but she's gettin there. Also M took her out to dinner with my parents and she drank some water from a cup. It was pretty cute. She's growing up!


B is really enjoying Sunday school and definitely does not have separation anxiety. She spent time with my Aunt Marla on Friday and had some strangers hold her over the weekend. No big deal! She loves the attention. :)


She pretty much still only cries when she's tired or constipated. :(


She's all about saying Dada. And over the last week or so she has been waving at people. It's SO adorable and so fun to see that she's understanding how to communicate with us. I'm still waiting on "Mama" to happen...

Post partum

Mama feels pretty refreshed after having some time away from baby but it was so wonderful to see her when I got home. To be honest people kept asking me if I missed her or was sad and the truth is of course I missed her but it was also so good to spend time with my bests and being able to do what I wanted when I wanted. I mean it was only TWO days... Right?! Hope that doesn't make me a bad mama. ;)



  1. It definitely does not make you a bad mama! You knew she was being well-taken care of and I think it feels GOOD to have some adult time!! Good for you!! xo

  2. Your first trip away is always a good chance to recharge your mama batteries. Glad everyone survived!


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