Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Well I can check running 13.1 miles off my bucket list! I accomplished my goal of not walking at all during my run and came in with a time of 2 hours 6 minutes. I ran at about a 9 minute 30 second mile average which was much faster than my 10 and a 1/2 to 11 minute mile that I trained at. I felt really good throughout my run until I hit the last two miles. Then I felt like I was just crawling to the finish line. My eyesight would get a little blurry and I knew that was a sign that I may faint but I was able to get past that and make it to the finish line. God gave me the strength!

Jump if you're ready to run!
Pre race warm up...it was cold!
Good morning sunshines! (Yikes)
Start line
These two ladies ran it in 1 hr 56 mins!
People are weird. And funny.
The less than two hour crew
So tired and happy to be done!
Apparently sitting on your bum in the stroller earns you a medal...
It was a really fun experience but I don't plan on doing another one any time soon. I am beyond sore but luckily my friend Kristen helped me out with that...

Such a sweet gift from her! Btw she just ran a full marathon under four hours!!!
Pain relief cream was legit! And I have always wanted to rock one of those stickers. I really want to go to my boot camp this week but I can barely make it down my stairs. :( Matt wants to sign up for a full marathon. I said "I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines."


  1. Congrats!! You look like you hardly even broke a sweat crossing that finish line - awesome job!! :) (and I LOVE that guy photobombing your pic)

  2. Congratulations! You should be so proud of yourself. xo

  3. Congrats!!!! Looks like you had tons of fun!


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