Airing out our Dirty Laundry

Friday, November 2, 2012

As always I've been drooling over Pinterest. I can get totally overwhelmed by it sometimes so I decided to tackle a small area to feel less intimidated. So the laundry room got a mini makeover. Gone hidden is the junk that was once an eye sore!


Yay! It's so pretty!
I got the dark wood baskets at Target and the wire laundry baskets at Homegoods. It definitely looks more organized and chic now. I used to be annoyed at how cluttered the room was but now I think I'll leave the door open when guests come over!

Day Three shoe challenge. Blair wanted in on the action...
This weekend we have one last practice run before our half marathon on November 11th. I'm also attending a baby shower on Saturday and am hoping to squeeze in a trip to an awesome consignment shop with a friend. Tonight I'm going to a craft fair at our church with a friend. Let the Christmas shopping begin!



  1. I love your shoe challenge! So far every pair is so cute :) I also love your outfits. You are the cutest mom.

  2. Love those red shoes! Your laundry room looks great!

  3. It looks SO good!! Totally magazine-worthy!!

  4. Love it! Looks awesome- and too funny, I just bought those wire baskets as well. I washed all my new bright white towels and I don't even mind them being folded and not put away when they are stashed in those baskets. They look so nice as is!


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