Work It Wednesday

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I need to come up with a new moniker since I'm not currently wearing any of these outfits to work... I'll take suggestions! :)

So I can't take credit for this outfit at all. I've had this dress for a year and have worn it before but never really knew how. That is until I attended a baby shower last weekend and a young college aged girl had it on in this exact way. I thought it was darling and raced home to recreate her look. I am pretty good at copying but not so good at coming up with things on my own. This is why I heart Pinterest! :)

dress: anthropologie
sweater: forever 21
belt: forever 21
shoes: nordstrom

PS this dress is perfect for nursing! unbutton and voila! dinner is served! :)


  1. Such a cute way to pair that dress!! And love that is Blair friendly! ;)

  2. Wordless Wednesday and Stay at home mommy Monday and you can showcase your yoga pants and t-shirt! lol

  3. Cute blog Natalie... I vote for Haute Hump Day :) Looks like you're enjoying baby Blair... she's a spitting image of her daddy! I'd live to catch up some time! Take care, Allison

  4. You are lookin good girl!! Way to go! Love this outfit--I always copy looks that I love as well too :)


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