Memorial Day Part I

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We had such a great weekend. So thankful for all the soldiers who fight for our great country! M, B, and I spent the weekend at the family beach house with my parents, my brother Kevin and his wife, and my other brother Jake. The dogs are lucky that we consider them family too. :) Saturday was kind of windy but thanks to our new beach tent we still enjoyed the beach. B was a good girl and is starting to allow us more sleep. Yay! I love our "beach routine." It goes like this: wake up and nurse B, go for a jog on the beach trail with B in the BOB ( and stare at all the orange county mamas and their babies in their BOBs), come home and go down to the beach, come up from the beach and go to the pool, then go home and eat dinner! I was SO sad to leave because there are so many hands to help with B down here. I'm already looking forward to the next time... While we were down here we celebrated Jakes graduation from high school. We had friends and family over for some Italian food from a local restaurant. It was delish! Here is our little graduate...

We also celebrated my brother's wife's birthday the same night. And here's the birthday girl...

I have lots of things to tell you about from our vacation. Tomorrow you will get to see B's first swim at the pool as well as her first beach trip. She may or may not have worn a bikini! ;) If you are friends with me on FB you already know the answer to this... See you tomorrow!

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  1. You don't know me and I feel a little wierd posting on here, but I have been a follower for a little while, but it sounds like a blast, and how exciting for your brother! I currently attend PLNU and he is going to love it!!


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