Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

M says this is B's "Navajo princess" outfit because of the embroidery :)
Today I am going to one of the old elementary school's that I used to teach at to have lunch with some friends. I'll be bringing my cutest accessory ( B, of course!). After that I'll be running some errands around town. Yesterday I found an adorable one piece at Old Navy but I need to return the 6 other suits I brought home to try on. Just another day in the life of a mommy!

Sleep update: we're still not getting any... ok it's not that bad but sigh....when will she sleep through the night? She is still waking up to eat every three hours but I am glad that she sleeps in her own bed, in her own room. Her naps are SO unpredictable. I'm dying for her to sleep anywhere but on me, but I'm not willing to duke it out with her by myself. It's too exhausting. It's so much easier when someone else is around for moral support. So I guess I'm digging my own grave with this one... 


  1. Oh she gets cuter and cuter every day...love seeing pictures of her sweet little face! :) Hope sleeping gets better...I am going to be relying on you BIG time once our little guy gets here!

  2. That is the cutest picture!! I LOVE her eyes!! Don't forget you're making progress with her sleeping! She's in her own bed!! Yay!


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