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Friday, May 18, 2012

Last night M and I went on a walk to the top of a local mountain (hill) with a huge group of other mommies and daddies. We had SUCH a good time! We pretty much took over the trail with all of our strollers. I called it a stroller renegade and M said it was a "brigade." Renegade, brigade...what's the diff? It was totally what I needed after a crappy Wednesday. M admitted that it was what he needed too. He loves fellowship with other couples our age and getting out of our little world of the three of us. I loved seeing other families in action with their little ones. It really gave me some perspective that there really is no one right way to raise a child, and that pretty much everyone is dealing with or has dealt with the same issues we're going through with a newborn baby. God definitely knew that I needed to get some perspective and realize that B is not going to fit into a box like I want her to. Some days are easier than others but I think I need to have an overall understanding that she will reach her milestones in her time, not mine. Plus I know the Lord is using this time of trial to grow me in my relationship with Him. And it's working! I am in a state of constant prayer..."Dear God, please help B to sleep more than one hour at a time tonight..." ;) But really I have found myself asking for patience, wisdom, strength, trust, contentment etc.

Tomorrow B is getting dedicated to the Lord. When she knows and understands who Jesus is she will make the conscious decision to get baptized but until then M and I are making a public claim to raise her up in a way that glorifies Jesus. To teach her who her creator is and how much He loves her. Afterwards we are having a BBQ at our house. It should be a good weekend with friends and family!

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  1. Awww sounds like a great day! And so sweet about B's dedication tomorrow! :)


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