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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last night I decided sleep was more important than my blogging...hence the late post! Yesterday I was SO SO spoiled by a friend of mine that I used to teach with. I had lunch with her and since she was unable to come to B's shower back in February she gave me her gifts while we were hanging out. Below are the things that B received...
tutu cute!

juicy sweatsuit!? that she will not be sweating in...

her hubby picked this out... :)

these cute prints came with it!

true statements :)

you should only draw attention to your bum when your age is still a single digit number...
for next summer from aunt brandy and uncle roger!
And here is what my friend got me for my birthday...

scrap kits

gorgeous marc jacobs bow earrings...adorb!

forgot to add these to B's gift section

And she got me some darling scrap ribbon for B's baby book (when will I ever get to that?!). Thank you Letty for all my gifts...you know I love to be spoiled rotten :). Tell Carlos he did a good job too :) Tomorrow we go to the beach! I'm excited for B's first beach trip!

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  1. Okay, those outfits are too stinking cute. B will definitely be one of the cutest babies around!


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