Memorial Day Weekend Part II

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blair went for her first swim this weekend in the pool! She loved it! Despite her facial expressions in the pictures below she really enjoyed herself and didn't cry once! The water was luke warm and as she was happy as a clam hanging out with mommy and daddy. She also enjoyed floating around in her new raft. I had to put her in her one piece since her swim diaper went up to her chest but tomorrow you will get to see how she rocked her bikini at the beach. :) I loved watching other mommy and daddies play with their kids in the "big pool" and I can't wait to teach B how to jump off the side of the pool. But for now I'm ok with lounging and getting her used to loving the water.

jellies from old navy

new canopy raft

daddy and baby

testing the waters with mommy
B was so funny; she would arch back and let the sun fall on her face! She like the feeling of it! Come see us tomorrow for our first trip to the beach. See what I discovered as the BEST beach gear ever!

B's swim suit: Baby Gap


  1. The jellies are SO cute!! Looks like she had a blast!

  2. She is such a cutie and the jellies are adorable.
    I have a career in aquatics and a big thumbs up and kudos for getting B in the water so early. :) I need more parents like you!!


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