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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I guess I got busy with life because I realized that I never finished photographing our home! Today's post will feature the bathroom. That's right, THE bathroom. We only have one in our little bungalow. Which means sometimes one of us is stuck doing the "potty dance." :) However, I do love that our bathroom is roomy (for a 1916 home). Here is our current bathroom...enjoy!

 i love the rug in front of the sink. my mom bought matching ones for her and me at restoration hardware. it is made out of what appears to be women's nylon material!

 got this mirror for free from a restaurant matt worked at in SLO. we spray painted them gold in college where they adorned our house till we moved out. now they glam up the bathroom! ps the towels are from Anthro. i love them.

 i like to have white towels. i think they look clean and i like that i can bleach them. :)

 another jewelry holder. but not as cool as this one. There is that white watch!

 fancy details on the (once black and purple) mirror

 i needed more storage in our bathroom so we bought this little number at target. my brother put it together for us "for fun" because he likes building stuff. :)

 love having pictures everywhere in the house. bella as a pup, matt and i at the beach. plus a lovely smelling candle from Pottery Barn that my mom got us for christmas one year.

 ok so this towel is tan but i really do love white. :) my summer and winter robes are hanging up in the bathroom always. i have a small obsession on robes. like, i own 5. (hmmmm maybe i will post about that?!)

every bathroom needs four locks right? old houses are so funny and quirky! but that's why we love them!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on what i intend to do for the ever approaching re-model!

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