The Biggest Surprise: Baby #4!

Friday, October 26, 2018

I have started this post in my head a thousand times over the last few weeks. I just can't seem to get it right because HOW do you describe such a miracle as THIS?! I can't. I can't do it. Nothing I write could come close to the emotions that I have felt lately.
It's not twins...that other thing is the yolk sac! 

Let me just start off by saying I NEVER in a thousand years would have thought that having another baby would be possible. Medically it doesn't make sense. Some of you may know that I got pregnant easily with Blair, struggled with secondary infertility for two years, and then had the twins via IVF. This time around it happened quickly again. WHAT is this madness?!

Popped out right away (thanks to the twins wrecking my ab muscles!)

Truly the only explanation I have for it is God. I haven't changed anything in my lifestyle to warrant this. People have told me, "Well you weren't stressed this time so it happened." But I wasn't stressed when we started trying for baby #2 either because I didn't know it would be a struggle. My infertility sandwich just doesn't make sense.

Two Months

But I'll tell you what. Nothing has ever made me feel more chosen to see infertility. God has made it clear to me that he chose that trial for me. And wow it makes me feel allllll the things. I am humbled. I feel full of purpose. And I see a glimpse of what He's doing here. I've made it pretty obvious that that time in my life was hard on me. But the growth and maturity that came from it was staggering. I now get to encourage other women through the mess of infertility and I pray that this fourth baby doesn't make them bitter but instead that it provides hope. Hope that anything is possible. Even a natural pregnancy after infertility.
And we 100% looked like a shotgun wedding lol. Thankful for bouquets!

I've been dreading sharing this news a bit to be honest. The last thing I want to do is cause more pain for others. And while I'm excited I do know personally the pain that comes with pregnancy announcements. They sting. It's a weird balance of being happy for them and sad for yourself. I don't take this lightly and I hope that comes across as such.

Oh, hi baby bump!

I'm sure there's a few questions to how we arrived here. Matt and I decided to try for a year and if it happened, it happened. And if it didn't then it didn't. No more fertility treatments. We were content as a family of five but wanted to leave room for more if the Lord saw that fit. A couple months later I was shocked to see those little pink lines. I'm still shocked out of my pants. Oh, and a fun fact... my medical chart clearly says Elderly Pregnancy. Seriously?! I'm 34 by the way. And the baby is set to come 23 days after I turn 35. But I've never carried a baby past 37 weeks so I'm going to ask them to remove that from my chart if it comes before my birthday! ;)

There's more to say I'm sure. I just can't think of it right now. I'll be keeping you guys posted and hoping that you will be praying for a healthy baby. Oh and I'm 95% sure we aren't finding out the gender! Who am I?! Time will tell how patient I can be. ;)