NYE attire

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year's Eve! What are you guys doing? We are headed to Palm Springs for a mini stay-cation with our friends. M's family has a condo there so the price is right ;). And with Blair hanging out with the grandparents and her auntie we are set for a couple late nights and late mornings (even better!). I have a couple outfit options for myself but put together a cute look for anyone who needs some last minute inspiration! I la-la love jumpsuits (not M's fave...as in he hates them). I think they are a super fun alternative to regular pants or a dress.

If I had found this jumpsuit in time I would have rocked it! What are you wearing on NYE? Have fun and be safe!

Just Pretend Kids {Mermaid Tutu}

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Blair is no different than any other little girl...she loves imaginary play, especially dress up! Halloween was a dream come true for her and this last month she has been loving her mermaid tutu outfit from Just Pretend Kids. Although she keeps insisting that it is Rapunzel and not a mermaid...either way she's into it (don't let her lack of smile fool you).

I love JPK because their costumes are high quality and have a ton of detail. The headband and tutu on her outfit have sequins and seashells attached to them for extra flair. One day she will be sure to notice this and pretend to be Ariel instead of Rapunzel. ;) 

For once it is actually COLD here! This week the high is below 50 a couple days! Hence the clothes under the tutu...

Ring around the rosy with Baby.

Rockin her tutu with her jammies (and crocs!). Who dressed this kid?!

Playing princesses while dressed like a princess of course.
And ta-da! Since this girl got quite a few dress up gowns for Christmas I decided to hook her up with a dress up corner in our office (that no one sees). It can easily be removed for when we have guests over and she loves picking out her "outfit." The box on the floor is full of shoes, purses, and jewelry that I eventually would like to organize. Lately I've been doing little things like this for her because I know she will love it even if it means sacrificing my home decor. Sigh. She's only little once!

*This post was sponsored by Just Pretend Kids. All the opinions are my own!

Christmas Recap

Monday, December 29, 2014

Did you all have a great Christmas?! So far with each passing year I enjoy Christmas more and more with Blair. She "gets it" now and helped us wrap gifts, set out cookies and milk for Santa (and carrots for Rudolph!), and drank hot cocoa while watching a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve. It truly was a magical Christmas for her (and us!).

Thanks Aunt Kerri for the cocoa set!

Yes, I caved and wrapped her gifts in Disney princess paper...She died.

Disney princesses are always a hit.

Another big win this Christmas was her "Little People" playground.
 After presents at our house we hit up Lala and Papa's for, surprise...more gifts!
Should have saved their money and got her pony rides on Papa's leg. Sigh.

No idea what is so exciting to Blair right here but I just love that face!

Four generations (five if you include Baby). ;)

The cutest little nephew!
After Blair's nap we headed over to Gramma and Grampa's house. 

B was thrilled to open her new bike. So far she likes riding it inside. ;)

And we were thrilled to open a painting by Matt's Cousin, Bobby Boss! It is of our college town, San Luis Obispo and I love it SO much!
What about you guys? What was your favorite gift? I was very spoiled and I can't say that I'm mad about it!

Christmas Coma

Friday, December 26, 2014

I hope you all had a Merry Happy Christmas as Blair says. We sure did! That girl was crazy spoiled but I don't regret any of it. :) More details to come on Monday but here are a couple pictures from our last 24 hours.


Santa was extra good to baby and gave her TWO bottles!
Santa also brought her the beach ball she asked for but Mommy had to bust her butt to get that thing. The full story will be ready for you on Monday. ;) Now I hope you have a Merry Happy Weekend!

Christmas Place Cards

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve! Hopefully all of you are reading this from home and NOT working. :) Yesterday I finished up my tables for Christmas Eve dinner. I grabbed some rosemary from my parents yard and made these place cards. They were super easy and turned out pretty cute if I say so!

Print the cards (or write them) on thick card stock. Punch holes on the top.
Weave the rosemary through the hole punches (newly sprouted rosemary works best because it is less brittle).
Add a pinecone
And voila! (Wood charger from Michaels).
I hope you enjoy these last few hours before Christmas comes and is over in flash! I absolutely can not wait to see Blair's face when she sees that beach ball. ;) I'm trying to soak in every. single. moment. with her...they grow up so darn fast! Merry Christmas! And a happy birthday to Matt on Christmas Day!

Holiday Home Tour

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

 I love a good old holiday home tour so guess what you get to see today...my home for the holidays. ;) On Christmas Eve I'll be hosting over 30 people (insane, right?). I hope you enjoy a little glimpse (I should have showcased Blair's little bedroom decor too) of our holiday decor.

our DIY farm house table

get your chalkboard print here

Pillow from Pottery Barn Clearance last year

loving plaid this year

and how cute are these reindeer?
A new print is in the shop!
How do you decorate for the holidays? Rustic? Traditional? Glam? So many choices. :) Also, the winner of the Donuts and Sprinkles, Oh My! book is posted here. Was it you?

PS I realize since I didn't post on Infertility Friday that some of you got a little excited. No baby brewing over here...just a tired Mom who wanted to go to bed Thursday night instead of blog. ;)

Toddler Christmas Party

Monday, December 22, 2014

Man I love Christmas time! This weekend was packed with fun activities and great friends. On Friday I hosted a toddler cookie decorating party and hot coco bar. I wish I had taken before and after pictures because the mess was intense but SO worth it! I'll probably be vacuuming up sprinkles till Easter. ;)

Blair's masterpieces

And to top off the toddler party some of my friends and I had a mom's night out after party...

Dinner, drinks, and donuts...now that's my kind of crew!
Oy, today I have to brave the mall. I have one teeny thing to get and then I'm DONE shopping. I'm hoping on a Monday it won't be too horrible. Happy Christmas week!

Beach Balls and Bottles

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hooray! We've added new items to our shop, Autumn Designs and Co.! For any mamas out there who are expecting their first girl (boys will be in the shop asap) we have an adorable set of monthly chalkboard signs to document your growing gal.

Also, I've had some feedback that customers would like to be able to buy the physical print (so they don't have to print it themselves) and have added a physical product alongside each digital one. I hope that makes sense. Basically, I am now printing and shipping them to you. :)

Thank you to those who have already purchased from our shop. I get giddy each time!

Last weekend we took Blair to see Santa. Being that last year went so well I was pretty nervous to see what stunt she would pull this year. Turns out she surprised us all and was such a big girl on Santa's lap! I prepped her beforehand by telling her that he would ask her what she would like and that she should ask him what his favorite cookies are etc. Girlfriend walked right up to his chair (with dirty baby in tow) and sat down next to him. Without hesitation she declared that she would like a beach ball and a new bottle for baby. I got off pretty easy if you ask me. ;) I'm pretty thankful for Amazon Prime right about now since beach balls are a little out of season. ;)

Did you spy dirty baby? She photographs pretty well, right?

Last weekend I also had a girls night in with some friends with a small white elephant gift exchange. We wore our p.j.s of course (my kinda party!) and had yummy food and drinks.

matching cindy loo whoos
And while I was at the gym and M was hiking my brother's girlfriend watched Blair. In ONE hour she had her bathed, dressed, hair brushed/washed, complete a festive painting, AND played hide and seek. Woah. She put me to shame and no you may not have her phone number...she's all mine!

DIY table runners and DIY Farm House Table

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last weekend I had the chance to get started on my tablescape for Christmas Eve dinner. I was inspired by this picture on Pinterest below:
When I went to JoAnn all I could find was a smaller buffalo checked fabric so I went with it. I don't sew so I also snagged up some no-sew tape that you adhere with an iron.

This project seriously didn't hardly take any time and I got THREE table runners out of two yards of fabric! I made one with black poms, one with white, and one with red.

White for the kitchen table.
Black for our (gasp!) NEW dining room table made by M himself!
It's true, friends, M is becoming quite the carpenter! And with his birthday being on Christmas I'm starting to wonder if he's turning into Jesus? Kidding. ;) But he did an amazing job on our farm house table. I couldn't begin to give you a tutorial but he got and followed the plans from Ana White. This bad boy only cost us $130 (not including tools)...and they retail for at least $1000 and up from Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. Right now we are rocking folding chairs while he finishes up a bench for one side and some black chairs. He seems to really enjoy building things and I sure enjoy putting them in our home...it makes our space extra special. :)