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Monday, June 20, 2011

I hope you all had a great father's day! We spent time with Matt's familiy and mine and BBQed outside in the beautiful summer evening weather.  At Matt's gathering we played ping pong, bocce ball, and roasted s'mores. Normal, right? At my gathering we tested out our new Go-Pro in the swimming pool doing flips, on the mo-ped in our hilly neighborhood, and riding in a little red wagon down our street. Afterwards we raced inside to watch all of our daring stunts. We finished the night with a ride through the neighborhood on my dad's tractor with Bella in tow. Not normal, right? And that is how it usually goes...

Last weekend I tried out a few things on my bucket list and was able to cross them off! I successfully hopefully pulled off wearing a scarf around my head (pictures/post on that tomorrow), we attended our first farmer's market of the summer, and went to a restaurant that isn't a chain! Unlike a project that is completed and done with I want to continue with all three of these things this summer. It was a productive weekend. I used my iphone to get the shots with the best app ever...instagram!

 robin's restaurant in cambria (so not a chain)

 this is not (gasp!) an outfit repeat. :) it was taken in cambria after kevin's graduation at robin's

 twinkle lights and lanters on the patio at robin's...perfect summer decor!

 mango tea served on the prettiest mosaic table ever! a DIY idea for the garden maybe?

 the graduates/most darling couple ever

me and matt before we scarfed savored our shrimp stir fry dinner

 next off the bucket list...Avila Valley Barn Farmer's market!

beautiful fresh flowers

 huge onions!

 packaging trick...put a light behind the shelved honey so it glows!

 this was a fancy farmer's market the sold colorful hand towels and luxury soaps

 this was my favorite stand...all things cupcakes!

taffy for the sweet tooth in me

 honey sticks! nailpolish: gemma by Zoya

i had to throw this in from father's day...Bella in the trailer of the tractor :) lovin' life!

See you tomorrow with the revealing of the head scarf! :) PS tonight I'm going to see Britney Spears in concert. Lame? Maybe for some. But will I be entertained by the princess of pop? Oh yeah! Now to dress in costume or not? I think not... I have to draw the line somewhere, right?

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  1. I loveeee those honey sticks. I would get them all the time when we would go to the farm market! So fun!


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