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Monday, June 6, 2011

This year I had a big team of teachers I was teaching with. There were six of us all together! When thinking of what to get my fellow teachers for the end of the school year (I like to thank them for their hard work)  I had to get crafty since buying something was going to get expensive quickly. I remembered some stationary that a friend got Matt and me for an engagement gift. They were little personalized note cards. Some of them had his name, some had mine (with my new last name) and some had both. They were hand-made and adorable and I thought, “This is totally something I could make.” So make I did! Here is a step-by-step tutorial for this easy and personal gift. These cards are great because you could make them for anyone! Hopefully there is enough time in the school year for some of you to put these to good use! 

 Step 1: decide what you want the cards to say and print it out

 Step 2: choose a plain piece of scrapbooking paper and tape it on top of the print, centered.

 Step 3: feed it back into the printer

 Step 4: use double sided adhesives to attach the personalized strip onto the card

 Step 5: add some flair to the envelopes with a stamp (buy the envelopes at Michaels)

 Step 6: use some ribbon to tie all the cards together (i made 5 for each teacher)

ta da!

What are some DIY gift ideas that you do? Please share!


  1. adorable! I love this idea! Its so cute and adds so much to the card! Love it

  2. This is a great idea! So cute...must try soon! :)


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