Lumberjack Baby Shower

Monday, February 29, 2016

Over the weekend I had the joy of helping my Mom host a shower for my sister-in-law. My brother's girlfriend helped us too and it went really smoothly! My Mom decided on a lumberjack theme since that's what the nursery design is based on. Luckily I already had a lot of rustic decor and my Mom snagged a table cloth along with a cute banner.

The Mama to be!
It was definitely fun seeing all the gifts that my sis-in-law got since she is having twins too! I can't wait to borrow all her stuff. ;) Happy Monday!

Birthday Princess

Friday, February 26, 2016

Yesterday was so bittersweet! We had our last trip to Disneyland for a while since we decided not to renew our passes with the twins coming. We celebrated Blair's birthday a bit early by taking her to Anna and Elsa's Boutique in Downtown Disney to get her a princess make-over.

She was very cautious about doing it since she has yet to go to a salon for a hair cut. They brushed her hair out (bless them) and then styled it like Elsa's on coronation day. They shellacked it down pretty good so I'm hoping to get a few days wear out of it! #lazymom. The ladies there also did her nails and let her choose her own make up colors. I was thankful "pink" was her color of choice yesterday and not her typical "orange." If you want to watch Blair's transformation into a princess follow me on snapchat at NatalieBushman.

We joined up with our friends afterwards and enjoyed corn dogs for lunch (what else?!) along with a lot of fun rides. We didn't battle any lines which was awesome. We finished the night off with the Paint the Night Parade and the fireworks show. A successful last day at Disneyland for sure!

Life Lately

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Well so far this year Matt and I have both been to the ER and Blair just topped it off with a visit to the urgent care last night. She was running full speed down our sidewalk while pushing Baby in her stroller. Before we could tell her to slow down she ate it and her chin took the brunt of it.

Of course she was wearing her all white eyelet dress. That's what I get for buying all white! We kind of tamed the bleeding with a Disney Princess band-aid but M and I both decided (along with the help from a nurse friend) that stitches or glue would be needed.

We drove her down to the urgent care and got her all glued up. She was so brave and we let her pick out a new toy at Target afterwards. My Little Pony Play Doh set was the big winner.

And since we are talking about the health of the Bushman kids, the babies had a great check up yesterday! I actually had more bleeding on Monday morning so I took it super easy but the US showed 2 big happy babies and no reason for alarm. Doctor thinks it was likely my cervix and not a hematoma after all. I'll take it!

Baby A was very relaxed and let the tech get the measurements he needed easily. Baby B was quite the wiggle worm and gave him a run for his money. I'm sure Baby B is a boy. ;) Later in the day Blair gave me two stickers on my tummy and said, "This one is for Baby A. Her name is Lily. And this one is for Baby B. Her name is Isabella."

M is praying her prediction is not accurate. ;) And just in case you were wondering, those are not names we are considering as lovely as they are. B also mentioned if they were boys that their names should be Maurice and Carter. She kills me.
Today we are headed to Disneyland for one last hurrah before our passes expire this weekend. Blair is getting a princess make over and she is pretty excited!

Next week I'll be featuring a top I got at Target that I've worn like 4 days this week, haha. Let's just say Mama got two more of the same style shirt to reward herself for taking Blair to the urgent care last night. ;)

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday. Knowing that so many of you have also experienced the same thing and ended up with healthy babies makes me feel much better!

Over the weekend we attended a Frozen party where Anna and Elsa showed up. Blair was a little shy at first but then she warmed up and had a great time! It was probably the best party I've ever been to since I hung out with my other prego friend in lounge chairs. Blair's preschool teacher was there and my brother's girlfriend so I was livin' the life while they played with her! If you need any tips on lazy parenting I'm here for you. ;)
Blair's smile is killing me here.
Anna and Elsa had quite the selection of games for the kiddos including limbo, red light/green light, musical chairs, hot potato, and a parachute. Poor Blair was the first one out every time! She was the youngest guest there (and let's be real...she's pretty clueless about these games). Luckily she got to be the first one to dance with Anna while the other kids finished the game.

Building her Olaf.

Laid Back. Too bad all that relaxing didn't prevent my trip to the ER!
Thanks to Taylar for snapping photos while I sipped my Arnold Palmer. ;) We're gearing up for Blair's princess party coming up soon!

12 Weeks

Monday, February 22, 2016

I had a much more eventful weekend than I would have hoped for. Saturday night I started having some bleeding and while I didn't have any cramping or tissue coming out it was enough to scare me. I went to bed after finding both heart beats hoping it would be gone by morning. Around 2 am I went to the bathroom and it was still there, except more. I knew I wouldn't be going back to sleep so after lying in bed awake for an hour I got up at three am and drove myself to the ER. M had to stay home with B.

The staff in the ER ran a slew of blood tests and gave me a very extensive ultrasound. Both babies were fine and moving around a lot. They had heart rates of 165 and 166. By the time I left the majority of the bleeding had stopped. The ER doctor chalked it up to a "threatened miscarriage." I hated the sound of that.

Later that morning I heard from my OB and he said there were a ton of reasons to as why I could be bleeding...none of which he could be sure were true in my case. I have an appointment with him on Wednesday and he said as long as there isn't more bleeding he can wait to see me then. Some ideas were a subchorionic hematoma which is basically when the placenta has some bleeding. He also said the babies could be re-positioning or I could be having placental moving. He went on to explain how vascular everything is while one is pregnant and that any number of things could cause bleeding. He was glad to hear the US came back with happy babies and told me many women experience some bleeding during their pregnancy and go on to have healthy babies.

I'd be happy to never experience that again. The US tech was super sweet and very thorough. She told me Baby A was measuring 13 weeks (92 percentile) and Baby B was measuring 12 weeks 6 days (80 percentile). Baby A's placenta is anterior and that babe is hanging out on my left side and Baby B's is 
posterior and that babe is relaxing on the other side.

For now I'm taking it easy. I'm even more of a sloth than I was before. Better safe than sorry in my opinion! Did any of you mamas out there ever have this happen? God is continuing to stretch me throughout this pregnancy and requiring me to trust in Him every step of the way. He's keeping me on my toes that's for sure! But I know He will be faithful and I find so much peace in that.

Blair's New Room

Friday, February 19, 2016

Over the weekend we made the big move...meaning we moved Blair over to her new big girl room. Her old room is bigger and will accommodate two babies more easily. Before we moved her we finished painting the new room and added crown molding. The end product looks great! After hearing crown molding horror stories I was prepared for the worst but M did a great job. Come see!

 I'm really excited about how her room turned out and I'm even more excited to get started on the twins nursery. We find out the sex March 4th (Blair's birthday) and that will help make my decisions easier as far as the direction I want to go. Have a great weekend!

Twin Survival

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Last night we had some friends over who had twins a little over a year ago. They also have a daughter who is Blair's age along with their twin boys. We offered to feed them dinner in hopes that they would let us in on some of their "twin survival" wisdom. :)

They had great advice/wisdom to share. There are certain things that I know I will struggle with but especially having my own pity parties. I got pretty good at that these last two years. I would get caught in this trap of "This is so hard. I am the only person who knows how difficult this is. This is so much harder than ____." (in regards to infertility). When of course this wasn't reality. My friend reminded me tonight that it will be VERY tempting to fall back into the pity party routine and to pray against that. To remember that I'm not the first or only person to ever have twins. I may have to tattoo this to my head. ;)

1.This is a season.
2.Be on the same team as Matt.
3.No pity parties.
4.God chose them to be twins and B to be their sibling. Let Him shape their personalities and mold them. Don't worry about them not getting enough one-on-one time. Recognize the benefits to that.
5.Life will get better after one year (oy.)
6.Be willing to accept help (no problems there).
7.God chose us to be their parents...and these babies are a blessing!

She also gave me advice on the practical things like what were twin necessities. So far I know I need a twin nursing pillow, two swings, two cribs, and to reacquaint myself with Baby Wise. That book was awesome in helping train Blair to sleep and she said it was the same with her twins. She advised to always keep them on the same schedule. Basically keeping them on the same schedule is more important than the actual schedule (if that makes sense). She told me sleep would be obsolete (I figured) and that this time around M would suffer more because with two babies having a second set of hands is not optional.

We talked about superficial things like how one piece swim suits will forever be my friend. We also talked about how these babies will be different than Blair because we waited and prayed for them for so long. It definitely changes your perspective. Any advice from twin mamas out there?

Val Day Recap

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy belated Valentine's Day! How much did you love the l o n g weekend? We spent the morning grabbing smoothies and donuts and then trekked over to Home Depot to pick out some crown molding.

We went on a double date that evening and left Blair with our trusty was a dream! We didn't talk about anything earth shattering however we did talk...uninterrupted! And I fed myself hot food instead of cutting up Blair's meal. :) Don't get me wrong, I love that girl but a night away was pretty fun!

The rest of the weekend was spent putting up crown molding in Blair's new bedroom. That was quickly followed by us moving her entire room next door so the twins can have her old bedroom (it's bigger). We seriously busted our bums all weekend! But it's done and I can't wait to show you her new(ish) room. She was pretty stoked to be in her "big girl" room too.