Vacation, I Hate You

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Do you ever get sick of vacation? That kind of sounds like something a spoiled brat would say but in all honesty my answer is "yes." Can I just whine a little bit? Just check out my weekends in July/August/September...

July2/3: San Clemente for 4th of July
July 9/10: backpacking in Yosemite
July 16/17: wedding in San Diego then summer camp for a week
July 23/24: hosted a BBQ for church then drove to San Clemente for two weeks
July 30/31: San Clemente

August 6/7: San Clemente
August 13/14: Laguna beach/ San Clemente
August 20/21: Backpacking in Sierra Nevada
August 27/28: San Jose wedding

September 3/4/5: San Luis Obispo wedding
September 10: Huntington beach wedding

For the record we have spent ONE Saturday home in the last two and a half months and we were hosting a BBQ at our house...hardly relaxing. I truly love just being home and doing odd things around the house. You wouldn't know it from our schedule but it's what I love. I enjoy keeping my house clean, gardening, eating good meals and maybe watching some Jersey Shore. ;) I also like scrapbooking while M plays XBox. Sounds lame? Not to me!

What do you like to do at home? Are you a homebody like me?

PS M requested that we not book anything else for September and October. We'll see...

Back to School Clothes

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Remember when your mom used to take you back to school shopping? Oh, how I loved those days! Back then I didn't know what was cute and went against my better judgement and listened to my mom. (Really mom, snowman turtlenecks at Christmas in 6th grade?!) All the cool girls were shopping at Limited Too and I was stuck at JC Penny's when I didn't know better. I like to think I know better now...not saying I do. But here is a look at what I really did wear on my first day back to school this year. Don't pay any attention to the tired eyes and flat hair...these were taken when I got home after herding cats all day. 30 of them to be exact...

proof of why i had to take my belt off half way through the day. i couldn't deal with the slippage.

And that's a wrap! I survived the first day yesterday but I was SO tired and it didn't help that we were on inclement weather due to the heat. That means indoor recess ALL day. You're joking me. Plus I was the schmoe who signed up to teach the after school program. That's an extra hour of teaching, yo! But the kids were actually great and despite having 30 first graders I think it is going to be a good year. Thanks for all your kind comments yesterday about my classroom. :)

dress: ATL
belt: Merona at Target
shoes: ATL

You Got Schooled

Monday, August 29, 2011

Today is the day. For me it's a day of mourning and total depression. Ok so I'm being a little dramatic but it is the first day of school. Which means summer vacation is officially over. Which makes me one sad girl. In honor of this day I thought I would post some pictures of my classroom. It's a little more put together than these photos suggest but you get the idea. Knowledge is power! ;)

made this with my cricut
also a cricut creation
and again...
math manipulatives
writing wall
my lack of objectives

crazy focus wall for language arts
more of the focus wall
naughty or nice?
i realize august is missing a day.
math wall
unsharpened pencils

So fellow teachers what do you think? Be praying for me today as I try to survive on my first day of school! This will be the fifth time I have done this and I still get nervous. Is that normal? You just never know who is going to walk through that door...

A Hiking we will go Part II

Friday, August 26, 2011

As you know last weekend M and I went backpacking with some friends in the Sierra Nevada's outside of Fresno. We camped at a place called Dinkey Lakes and had a great time. The hiking was MUCH easier than it was in Yosemite (hello? half dome!) which was a nice break. The boys attempted to do some fishing but didn't have too much luck unfortunately. The views we took in were absolutely stunning though and made the trip worth it. I love being outside and breathing the fresh air while getting exercise. Plus, it makes Bella really happy. :) She went crazy on our hikes and had to be the leader at all times. It was pretty cute.
lunch time on the small hill peak. yosemite is way in the distance
our group
M and B lovin' life
B and I watching M fish. don't judge the crocks...they're only worn backpacking and gardening!
So beautiful!
Natural Bridge
What else could I do but practice my fish tail? I forgot my kindle...
although this is pretty is was filled with mosquitoes! I came home with 12 bites (one on my forehead!)
the camera did not do this place justice...
our huge messy camp. and by our i mean the bushmans...
still waters

So have I convinced any of you city girls to start heading out to the wilderness? If I can do it you can do it! Today I am flying out to San Jose for a wedding on Saturday and am SO excited to stay with my best friends. It's so hard when we live far away. Are your best friends close to you? What are your weekend plans? Monday the kiddos show up and I start a new school year teaching 29 first graders. Does anyone else think this is ridiculous? Sigh. Pray for me...

Briana Rene Designs

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last Friday I volunteered to help my friend Dani's older sister by modeling participating in her fashion show down in Orange County. Now I have NO experience in this whatsoever, nor do I pretend to but I had a great time. It was almost as nerve-racking as hiking Half Dome ( I was shaking just as much) but overall I really enjoyed myself and would do it again if she let me. :)

Her boutique is called Briana Rene and is so adorable. She started her company selling her own handmade jewelry but now has lingerie, clothing, bags, scarves etc in her shop in Costa Mesa. She is a very talented young lady and so sweet (she gave us each some jewelry from her line!). I own several of her pieces seen here and here. I will be featuring the jewelry she gave us next week and may be having my first ever giveaway! Stay tuned!

she made all her own furniture/displays with her dad. how rad is that?!
she reupholstered this chair with her mom...shes so DIY!
vegan cupcakes and cake pops!
the "models"

clappin' it up for bri
love these sisters!
stop by soon!
Be sure to check out her website here. What piece is your favorite?