The Graduate

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ah, college graduations. Gotta love 'em! Sitting (or standing) in the sun to watch your loved one's ten seconds of glory as they float across the stage only after you have listened to two hours of random speakers' inspiring words to "take the future" because it belongs to you is so much fun, right? Ha. We all know graduations can be painfully boring (just saying) but I was quite please at my brother's graduation from Cal Poly SLO last weekend. He chose to participate in only his major's ceremony (manufacturing engineering) in which we showed up five seconds before it started, and the whole thing was only about 30 minutes! And they had cake! All graduations should be this short and sweet. :) I can only say what I really think because I know my brother agrees wholeheartedly and he knows I am sooooooo proud of him and his fiancee! Congratulations again Kev and Tiff! You did it!

 work it! ;)

 such a pretty print

 my new favorite shoes! classy but fun! however not a wise choice to wear to a graduation where we had to walk all over campus...ouch!

 gotta get my smoothie before the big graduation

downtown SLO = <3

 the graduate

 most attractive couple award goes to tiff and kev :)

 i love this picture! she was fixing his hair for him. so cute.

 dad, mom, me, tiff, kev, matt, and jake


 silly brothers

 the view from kevin's front door

 matt has skills with the camera

sisters (almost!)

dress: jack and ginger
cardi: BP department at nordstrom
bow shoes: jeffrey campbell
backup shoes: sam edelman slingbacks
sunglasses: hoven
purse: found at a boutique called Therapy in SJ

Tiffany will have to provide the "stats" on her outfit for you later. :) She always looks darling! Have a fabulous weekend! What are you up to? I am going to a bridal shower (where I will be taking notes) and then celebrating with Matt's dad and my dad for father's day. P.S. I still have No idea what to get either of them. Suggestions?


  1. Love Tiffanys dress! The blue looks awesome on her! You both look amazing!

    Have a happy weekend!

  2. Love your dress! The colors look great on you! Looks like a fab weekend!


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