Paddle boarding

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

If you remember from a while back M and I went paddle boarding while on our babymoon in Maui. I had to stay on my knees for safety reasons but we were able to go again while in San Clemente this last weekend and I was able to stand up! My brother got a paddle board for his birthday so we decided to get one too since two are better than one! It was way harder than I thought it would be, especially in the open ocean. I did not go at an optimal time of the day (mid afternoon winds) but it was still super fun! Talk about a core workout!


By far the hardest part was getting out past the break. I got creamed coming back in but gave everyone on shore a good laugh. :) Oh and the tip of the day is to wear a one piece. I learned that lesson the hard way the day before...


Motherhood Mondays

Monday, July 30, 2012

Over the weekend I started to try something new with Blair's nap time technique. I know it is frowned upon to put babies to bed on their tummy but B really seems to like it. She has got the nighttime thing down ( for the most part) but I struggle every day with her naps. Mostly because she just wants to snooze with her mama. She enjoyed her swing for a while but is now struggling to sleep there. So when she starts showing me she is sleepy I rock her a bit and then lay her down on her tummy. At first she would sleep 30 or 45 minutes but while at the beach this weekend she slept for two hours on her tummy! maybe she is starting to love it more or maybe the sound of the waves, cool ocean air, and warm sun helped? I know it always helps me nap!

What do you think about babies sleeping on their tummies? I'm not comfortable with it for night time yet but someday I'm sure she will. Besides, it's her mamas favorite way to get some zzzzzs!

Summer Nights

Friday, July 27, 2012

This weekend we are going to the beach house. B hasn't seen her uncle Kevin and aunt Tiffany in a while and I am excited for them to see how much she has changed! Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the weather. Yesterday we enjoyed a warm evening in our backyard...


My sweet balding girl.

I'm not sure she is enjoying this kiss so much...


I love you dad!

Not impressed with dads jokes...

blowing bubbles and showing off those thighs!


Work it Wednesday

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

For my birthday back in April I got an Ann Taylor Loft gift card. Since I am a teacher (and now mom!) I love this store! It is the perfect blend of comfort and style. Below is a dress that I picked last weekend for $25 on sale!




I love the bright blue color of the dress and that the dress is lined. The twisted straps add some interest and the dress is loose enough so that I can easily nurse B. Something that I always have to think about nowadays!

Dress: Ann taylor loft

Shoes: madden girl - Marshall's

Necklace: lux boutique

4.5 months

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

People were right when they said to cherish every moment because it goes by quickly. Lately I have really been noticing so much change in B. She is not an infant anymore!

Lately I have been loving (almost) every moment with her. She is so smiley and vocal and active. She loves squealing when she is happy and excited... It's so cute! When she plays on her play mat she grabs her feet and rolls from side to side. She is also starting to really enjoy her toys. She holds onto them and of course puts them in her mouth. And she is chewing on her fingers and drooling like crazy!

Blue eyes
Num num
In some aspects B is going backwards and I wish she would "grow up" faster. She started waking up once in the middle of the night again and also has decided she will only nap in her stroller if we are out and about or with me if we are home. You can imagine how much I get done around the house lately...



I've been trying to have a good attitude about napping with B instead of getting stuff done. It's becoming easier for me to set aside my agenda and just be with her. She's so so sweet! I just love her :).

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

Monday, July 23, 2012

Last weekend I got my hair done by my friend Carrie. And while I always love my highlights I was particularly excited about the waterfall braid that her friend did for me.

It's like a French braid but you "drop" the piece that you pull into the braid. It literally took the stylist two minutes to do this! What a cute, mommy friendly way to wear my hair! We will see if I ever master this on my own! Of course Pinterest always makes this look so easy!

Smarty Pants

Friday, July 20, 2012

It's officially the end of my first week doing cloth diapers and I'm not throwing in the wipe towel so I'll consider it a success! Since I only have seven diapers ( I didn't want to fully commit till I was sure I could handle it) I am still using some disposables mixed in. Apparently B knows when she has the disposable on because those are the only ones she has pooped in all week (how does she know?!) so I can't quite say I'm a pro yet.

I did a lot of research and decided that Bum Genius was going to be my best bet. I ordered one set of seven from Jillian's drawers (buy five get one free) and am still waiting on another shipment from cotton babies (buy five get one free). The diapers have cost me a little less than $200 for 13 diapers. I hear it's good to have 18-20. I'm slowly building my supply. I chose the diapers that are one size fits all with snaps. I got a rainbow of colors in hopes that I can use them on the next baby (I can't believe I just said that!).

I also purchased special detergent called Charlie's soap, a diaper sprayer, flushable liners and a wet bag. Basically each diaper comes with two inserts. One extra thick and one regular. I use the regular ones in the day and extra thick at night. When she's wet I throw the diaper in the laundry sink and wet it then keep it in my wet bag till I do the wash (every other day) to prevent stains. Since B is still nursing exclusively I don't have to rinse the poopy ones since they are so water soluble but I do anyways to prevent staining. Eventually I will use the diaper sprayer but now I just rinse in the sink and toss it in the wet bag. When B starts eating solids I will use the flushable liners and dump the poop in the toilet with the liner.

lovin her BG diaper. oh, and yes B is straight balding...

sweet bum bum
they even fit her thighs!
what happened when she was wearing her disposable. sigh. such a glamorous life i lead! yes, that is poop, not mustard...

Well, there you have it! I hope this has helped anyone who is considering cloth diapers. I am by no means an expert (yet) but feel free to ask me questions. I'll let you know how it goes when she starts eating solids... 

This weekend I am visiting my brother and his wife in San Pedro to see their new home. Sunday I am visiting my grandma and today M's BFF is coming into town. It's going to be a fun filled weekend!

Hey homie

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I had some other things in mind for today's blog but due to Blair's new napping preferences (only wanting to nap with mama and not anywhere else!) I did not get all the pictures I needed. Blame it on the baby! There are a couple more home updates I wanted to show you.
New chevron pillow covers from Etsy. They match the table runner in the dining room.

Our "work in progress" family photo collage wall. Seeing it in a picture makes me see what needs adjusting. Good thing I have a flexible husband!

How sweet is that big one of B? I could look at it forever. :)

This week I made the jump with cloth diapers. So far I have really been enjoying them and don't see them as that much extra work. It's nice to be green and use natural materials on B's bum bum. Once she switches over to solids I may be changing my tune...

I did quite a bit of research on all the different kinds and decided to go with bum genius. I'm saving money, one diaper at a time! Maybe I can talk M into letting me buy more things for the house with all the money I'm saving? Dream big, right?

Finally I'm throwing this picture of B in because I just love the handmade hat she is wearing from her gramma!

Her serious expression here cracks me up. Thanks gramma for my cute hat! Finally something that fits my noggin!

Home Updates

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm sure I'll be making our house into a home for the rest of my life. Constantly tweaking things here and there, which makes decorating fun! Here are some of my recent "tweaks."

Don't you think curtains really pull a room together? I tend to think the same thing about rugs... My only regret is not hanging the curtains closer to the ceiling. High ceilings are in right now and this is any easy way to make them appear even taller. Poor Matt is not going to be happy... My Aunt says curtains are to a window like a frame is to a picture. ;)
I replaced our college diplomas with this print. M and I both were drawn to it when we saw it. Maybe because we both love our country?
Before our microwave didn't quite fill the space provided for it. Tacky and annoying.
Who knew there was a company that makes inserts just for this purpose?

I bought the runner on etsy and like that it brings more fun into the room. I don't know if I will ever get off the chevron trend. I love it!

That's all for now. There are a few other projects I am working on and when I finish I will have to show you all! Today I am getting a massage while my mom watches Blair for an hour. I can not wait! Have a great Wednesday!