A Hiking we will go

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

After an annoying adventurous drive up to San Luis Obispo, squeezed in between my brother and Matt in the backseat of my parents SUV, we were ready to get out of the car! Even though Matt and I had lived in SLO for four years we had never been on this particular hike that we chose to go on. The hike began right behind the resort we stayed at and went pretty much straight up until the hill peaked and we got a full view of the ocean. The hike was beautiful but I'll let the pictures do the talking...

 lovely oak trees

 obsessed with my new app "instagram" (thanks mandy!)

 gobble gobble!

 avila beach

 the fam

 carry me home!

 you wouldn't think this was right by the beach


 so intense

 mellow yellow 

this flower looks like it's wearing a skirt...so fashionable! 

P.S. Not that this is an outfit post but i will give a shout out to lululemon for designing the best workout pants ever! However, their prices are so high that i can only afford one pair. :( What brands of workout gear do you love? I'm always on the prowl for reasonably priced gear since, hello!, you sweat in it! Have a fabulous Tuesday! Tomorrow, I'm posting my summer bucket list with a bunch of other bloggers. Fun!


  1. i really want to buy a pair of workout pants from lululemon, but i do love my pair from target! cant wait to see your bucket list!!! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. So fun! Love the fashionable flower. Who doesnt love family time!


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