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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whenever I check out other girls' blogs the first thing I look for is pictures from their weddding, home, honeymoon, and family. I love to snoop and get a glimpse of how others live! So today, and possibly tomorrow, I will be posting some of the pictures that I so love to see from other people. First up...our wedding! Back in the day when I got married "artistic" photography wasn't as well established as it is now. Bummer. I would have totally loved to get some more creative shots since our photos are so traditional. Next time... just kidding. :) To some of my dear friends this will be old news but to all my new blogger friends, enjoy!

matt and i were married here at a small church in our town on march 31, 2007

 matt and i chose to see each other before so we could take photos. this was taken right after he saw me :)

 our rings will never be that shiny and scratch free again!

 i loved the sash on my dress

 a went with a classic half up half down hair style and to this day i still love it!

 practicing the "skinny arm"

 so handsome!

 matt's family

 my family

 watching me walk down the aisle

a few tears from dad :)

 laughing at something funny our pastor said during the ceremony

 aisle style


 we did it!

our programs (i handmade)

 our invitation (i handmade)

 the ladies

 a smooch before we head off to the reception

 riding in style at the country club

 we enlarged this shot and it now hangs in our bedroom. presh.

 i just told a joke here that i thought was pretty funny


 nothing too bright or catchy. elegant and classic.

 our sweetheart table

 being welcomed to the reception

 poly high school!

cal poly SLO crew

 read the fine print...pretty cute
 i do

 guest book

our first dance :)

cut the cake

and then eat it!

toss it and leave it

then pull up quick to retrieve it



 nailed it

 just dance

a little bit softer now

 kiss me

i love this one. love my dad!

 i love this one


 recessional line

see you after the honeymoon!

 Matt and I are lucky to have had such a great wedding with wonderful family and friends. It's been over four years now! Crazy. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage (ok well not yet but soon!)


  1. love these photos, your dress is so pretty! glad you shared these :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. We had such a great time celebrating at your wedding! You were such a gorg bride!

  3. ahhhh weddings! i wish i could have my wedding again- not to make changes (except it would be fun to update some things) but because it was such an amazing day that i would love to re-live! you look gorgeous and your dress is so pretty- i love the sash detail!!

  4. Um, where are the pictures of your bridesmaids?!?! DUH. ;) Jk!

  5. Carrie- you're in there! i didn't post other ones because i didn't like the way they turned out. :)

  6. Now I see the rest of them! Earlier it wasn't showing the second half of the pics. :) Your wedding was beautiful! Fun seeing these again!

  7. Love your wedding photos! You and Matt are a picture perfect couple! xo

  8. You two look so handsome together! And your dress is fantastic! Love the ribbon!

  9. I'm new to your blog and what did I do? I went straight for your wedding story ;) Girl, you didn't need the artsy photography because you guys MAKE all the photos! You are both stunning and obviously SO happy <3 Love it.

  10. Wow-these pictures are stunning! What a beautiful day and a beautiful couple!!


  11. if only i can get my personal wedding again- to never help make changes (besides it will be exciting in order to update some things) but as it had been this wonderful evening which i would like to re-live! you gaze lovely plus your gown is indeed pretty- i love the particular sash detail!!
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