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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm taking my summer 2011 bucket list by storm! Last week I caught a second wind late in the afternoon and decided to tackle our built-in bookshelves. I've always admired color coded bookshelves solely for their prettiness because they are clearly not functional. We used to have our books grouped into "his" and "hers" sections along with genre. Now it's relatively impossible to find a book unless we remember the color of the spine but it sure is lovely to look at! Functionality is never fashionable anyway. :) Here are the horrible "befores"...
 gross. X box games, Calvin and Hobbs, etc. clearly this is Matt's side...

 and the fish trophy? I can't believe I let that stand for this long...

 who keeps weights in their bookcase?! ghetto. and that white horse rearing up was a gift. don't judge. 

 my side includes yearbooks, dvds, teaching books, dog books, and lots of series like "twilight"

and now for the "after" shots...

 glorious! white, black, blue and pink books for me.

 now matt's side is rainbowliscious! and hmm where is that fish?

kind of hard to tell in this shot especially with the doors closed but i know what hides behind them and that is all that matters! :)

Have you tried this fun little update to your library? See you tomorrow for some 4th of July musings.


  1. So fun! Love the rainbow bookcases! So great!

  2. you still have VHS~!!!! Love it!!!

  3. I need to do this to our shelves too! They are so cluttered and unorganized right now!

  4. Looks great...definitely makes a huge difference! But I think you should have kept the fish trophy! ;)


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