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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

At the risk of looking quite vain but at the benefit of promoting a great photographer I decided to post some pictures that were taken of myself. As a favor to one of my best friends, Carrie, I agreed to be her "model" at a practice photo session so she could try certain techniques for a contest she was entering. Her very talented friend, Bre, came with us to challenge Carrie to try different angles and techniques with her lenses. We had lots of fun but boy did those girls have to work to get some good poses out of me! (I am not a natural poser). Ha. I felt like I was taking my high school senior portraits all over again (but with wrinkles this time). Bre did a lovely job on the pictures (Carrie has two little boys and hasn't had time to edit yet) but be sure to check out her site, especially if you live in so cal, because I am only posting a few of my favorites!

 just me chillin' in the street :) top: free people, jeans: paige, necklace: ATL, shoes: target, bracelet: briana rene

 head shot (you have to say it in a "Call of Duty" voice)

 i like the brick building in the background

 of course i was getting my hair done the day after the photo shoot. sigh.

 a pretty field

i heard the girls talking about a "frame within a frame" on this shot. nailed it!

Are you hungry for more pictures of me? Probably not. :) But just in case you are visit http://brethurston.com/category/senior-portraits/ to see the rest and because she is very talented and takes many different kinds of photos (including boudoir!) Enjoy her site and thanks again Bre! 

And although Carrie hasn't had time to edit her photos yet she is an amazing photographer as well. I just can't get enough of the breath taking pictures she takes of new borns. This girl has mad skills. Check her out at http://carrieajohnsonphotography.blogspot.com/ Some of my favorite shots are under the tab "April," "February," and "January."


  1. Beautiful! I love the one of you sitting on the bench in the field looking back. Talented photographer! Love them all

  2. Carrie must be super talented b/c these are stunning photos! :)

  3. These are Bre's photos! I need to get working on mine. Just had to finish up the paid clients before I could play. :( Bre is amazing! And you are one sexy lady. :) You were awesome!

  4. I just saw this...thanks, Natalie! You were great and thanks for the sweet words. Darn slow Carrie ;) haha. I want to see her photos too, the ones I did see were wonderful! I had a great time with you girls and thanks for being our model!


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