Lily Jade Diaper Bag

Friday, May 27, 2016

I've never been this excited about a diaper bag before. Probably because it's only a diaper bag for when you need it to be and then *poof* it morphs into a chic purse! The Lily Jade diaper bag is magic I tell you. It was a tough choice but I ended up choosing the "Elizabeth" bag in brandy with gold hardware.

Lily Jade meets all my  basic requirements for a diaper bag:
-stylish and NOT babyish
-can be worn as a backpack

Then there's more!
The Lily Jade diaper bag is 100% genuine leather. Um hello chicest diaper bag ever! After the twins are through with needing a diaper bag I can remove the inner shell and use it as purse. I love that it can be worn as a cross body. Hands free is always a necessity, especially with kiddos.

This diaper bag is ridiculously spacious (wait till you see everything I fit in mine!) which I will be needing with double the stuff. It has over 14 pockets so my OCD self can organize like a boss. It also comes with a changing pad that is easy to get in and out.

Removable inner shell

All these items fit into the shell alone!
And all of this was in the entire diaper bag!

Here's a break down of what I have inside:
2 muslin blankets
2 nursing/car seat covers
2 knotted gowns
2 onesies
2 hats
2 drooling bibs
1 burp cloth
2 binkies
2 teething toys
1 nipple shield (in case)
1 bottle
2 diapers
1 wet bag (for soiled cloth diapers)

If you aren't impressed I don't know what to say. I just realized I'll need to throw some wipes in there but I'm sure they will fit. ;) Lily Jade has seriously got this chic diaper bag thing down. And while this is silly, even some celebrities have one and that makes me feel a little more special. :) If it is good enough for them then it is certainly good enough for me (and then some!).

A huge thank you to Lily Jade for sending us this fabulous bag. I've got it all packed and ready to go to the hospital. Let's hope that isn't any time soon though!

Tiny Prints Invitations for a Modern Geometric Shower

Thursday, May 26, 2016

I loved the modern geometric vibe of my baby shower and the invitations we used from Tiny Prints gave guests a sneak peek at what was in store! We came thisclose to having a snafu with the invitations saying "twin boys" but luckily they worked with us to change it to say "twins" in the nick of time. Tiny Prints always accommodates my needs and has such a great selection of stationary. They were also gracious enough to let us choose some favor stickers and thank you cards as well! Check them out below...

I love the simplicity of the design; it really complemented the shower decor well!

Guests went away with home made sugar cookies in geometric shapes and were reminded to use the hashtag #teenyandtiny. :)

Writing thank you cards is more fun with cute stationary! Don't you agree?
I'm always so impressed with the quality of Tiny Prints. Thank you again for making my shower so special and memorable! To check out the rest of the shower go HERE.

Teeny and Tiny's Baby Shower

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I was completely overwhelmed this weekend by the beautiful shower my friends threw for me. It was so surreal to be at my baby shower. And of course I would have been thrilled with any type of low key gathering to celebrate these little lives but they pulled out all the stops!

The girls went with a modern geometric theme and incorporated a lot of natural elements such as moss, cement, succulents, and wood. It was seriously SO creative and well done. I'm still daydreaming over all the details and scrolling through the pictures in my camera roll!

The girls dyed all the table runners themselves! They were each unique and beautiful.

The garlands were sewn cute!

Don't miss the amazing geometric shapes hanging above the food...they were created from straws!

Probably my favorite part of the whole shower...the amazing geometric back drop behind the dessert table.

So thankful for these dear friends and the gorgeous shower they threw!

Sweet little E & C! I can't wait to meet you! But please not for a while. ;)
A big thank you to my Mom for the delicious food. Cafe Rio never disappoints! Every day I wake up and can't believe the blessings that God has given me. I have to pinch myself all the time. To go from so much pain to so much beauty makes me so grateful. Of course I cried at the shower but all tears of joy! God's plan was so much better than what I could have imagined.

Nursery Closet Overhaul

Friday, May 20, 2016

I am a huge sucker for organization. Cleaning, no. Organizing? Yes, please! A couple of weeks ago I was telling M how dysfunctional the closet in the twins room was. I knew it had potential to store a lot of stuff but in its current state it wasn't cutting it.
Lucky for me M is a problem solver and enjoys building so he designed a new closet. It turned out SO good and I just couldn't wait to get my paws on putting things away. I am still waiting to get some matching (of course) boxes to make the storage on the shelves prettier but here she is!

Check out the before...

That's it. I had two cheap wire racks. I added an extra bar but it wasn't great. No shelves and a ton of wasted space above and below. Not anymore!

He created the space for $200 and used the pre-fab melamine boards. They have a smooth white finish so clothes won't get snagged.

This weekend is my baby shower and I just can't believe I'm even writing that! I truly never knew if I would have another baby shower and here I am celebrating with TWO babies! God has given us so much grace that we don't deserve and I couldn't be more grateful. Remind me of this when I am up all night long trying to figure out how to nurse two babies ;). These babies are a blessing and I can't wait celebrate them.

Covered Goods Review

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It has been so fun to see all the new/different baby products that are available now. It's so crazy how things have already changed since Blair was born! I LOVE finding unique and stylish products that fit my lifestyle and Covered Goods nursing covers definitely fit the bill!

Covered Goods has revamped the nursing cover to make it more versatile. It can be used for much more than nursing (which I love!). I've seen mamas use them as car seat covers to keep handsy strangers out or to let baby know it's time to rest. I've also seen it as a scarf to add a little detail to your outfit. It is great as a shopping cart cover to keep germs away too!

The thin fabric makes it easy to store in a diaper bag (versus the other fluffy ones) and the stretchiness makes it easy to get on and off when nursing. And did I mention the cute prints they have to offer?! I decided to go with matching black and white stripes to accommodate both my daughter and son. Plus, black and white is so in!

 Other creative ways to use the Covered Goods nursing cover...
-On a hot swing at a park (no germs or burns)
-As a blanket for baby to play on
-As a security blanket (especially if it smells like mamas milk)
-As a baby accessory for your toddler to use on her dolls ;)

Thank you Covered Goods for sending us a cover! I sure can't wait to use it with our bundles of joy!

Weekend Happenings

Monday, May 16, 2016

Over the weekend we had a mini vacation with some of our friends in Temecula. We enjoyed some time away from our littles lounging by the pool and eating. Two of my favorite things! We rented a house and hot up Wilson Creek winery which was seriously so beautiful. I totally want to go back! They had fun live music, wine slushies, and lots of outdoor lawn games for guests to enjoy. The weather was gorgeous and we brought our own meats, cheeses and snacks for a picnic. I highly recommend it!

I can't stop staring at my belly button lol. The funny thing is that it's not technically an outie yet but the top half lifts up so much it looks like it!

When we got home we had to take a nap from our vacation. :) We stayed up way too late every night playing games and talking but it was worth it! I sure do feel special to have such great friends!