Cal's Room

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ever since I separated Cal and Evie into two separate rooms I have been slowly piecing them together. Twin mamas who have their babes in the same room I don't know how you do it! I kept Cal's room much like the twins' original nursery. He currently has a queen sized bed in his room for when we have guests and he gets booted to a pack n play. And while I haven't painted his room yet (grey) it doesn't look horrible for the time being.

Shelves: Ikea
Wall Hanging: Target
Alpaca: Essential Mommies
Mountain Picture: Hobby Lobby
Navy White Picture: Hobby Lobby
Sheet: Hudson Baby Company

Agate Picture: Target
Buffalo Picture: Target
Cream Throw Pillow: Pottery Barn
Mustard Blanket: Target

Cactus Swaddle: Little Unicorn

& Sign: Harp Designs
Monkey: hand made by a friend
Alpaca: Blabla Kids
Buffalo Print: Land of Nod
Happy Camper: Garvin and Co.

Map: Target
Navy Pillow: Pottery Barn
Mustard Pillow: Harp Design and Co.

Shelves made by Matt

Alpaca from Essential Mommies

Memorial Day Review

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Did everyone enjoy their l o n g weekend? We sure did! Our time was well spent bbqing, swimming, and watching the parade. I woke up with a sore throat/cough which must be a sign that we played too hard. ;) So thankful for all that have given their lives for us and have kept our country safe.

We hung around home over the holiday weekend and the babies enjoyed their first dip in our pool. The pool wasn't quite as warm as we had hoped but they still liked it which surprised me. Cal's expressions KILL me!

He's like an old man in his hat and I love it. I'm always excited to get the dressed in festive gear so my laundry this week will consist of three colors: red, white, and blue. :)

They also liked the parade of motorcycles which was shocking considering how loud it was. Those babies are full of surprises!

I hope your weekend was full of ice cream and hot dogs too! This was the pre-party for the 4th of July and I can't wait!

She Works Hard for the Money

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Did you get an allowance growing up? Or get paid to do chores? As I got older my Mom would let me do certain things around the house and get paid for it. I would ask to do things that were above and beyond general chores like babysitting, cleaning out the fridge or hall closet.

Lately Blair has been asking for ways to earn money. M and I decided that there are certain things we expect her to do because she is a member of our household and with that comes responsibilities. But there are other things that if she does them (without whining) we pay her for. Her chores are:

1. Make her bed
2. Get dressed
3. Clear her dishes throughout the day
4. Put away clean silverware
5. Clean up the twins' toys

I printed out this chore chart and decided that if all these things get done then she gets paid. We keep it on the fridge and she puts stickers on it when she completes a task. For now I remind her to make her bed but the other things she typically remembers to do on her own. We also have been teaching her to give some of her earnings back to God by tithing at the church. I think it is important for her to understand that God has given her the ability to work and earn money so the way that we thank Him for that is by giving to our church. She loves bringing her dollar into Sunday school and slipping it in Noah's Ark. :)

She recently saved up enough money to buy her first toy...Kitty Surprise! How many kitties are there inside? There could be 3, or 4, or 5!. Haha you know you're singing along. While she was at Target making her selection she found a few other items to save for which is great incentive for her. When we got to the cashier she proudly handed over all her one dollar bills. It was pretty cute. She did say, "Ugh. Now I have to save my money allllll over again."

Yup. That's how it works!

Do you guys have anything you do like this? Allowances or chores?

Beach on Repeat

On Mother's Day we went to Newport Beach and I had forgotten how much fun that place is! The stars aligned and we found a killer parking spot. We hung around the pier, at lunch at TK Burgers and enjoyed the sunshine. Aside from trying to eat a burger on the beach while holding a tired baby the day was a win and we plan on going back for more soon! Note to self: don't forget the front pack. Doh! 

Headbands by The Wishing Elephant

Blair's shirt by Cove and Capri

Sister Sister

Monday, May 22, 2017

People often ask me. "Which one is your favorite?" referring to the twins (yes people actually ask me this!). My response is always the same, "_____ has been sleeping really well lately so they're my favorite." Turns out both babies are good sleepers (knocking on wood now) so lately it's a tie.

But Blair? She's got a favorite. She can't even hide it. And if I had a sister she would probably be my favorite sibling too. ;)

The hand holding kills me! 

There's something special (I'm learning) about a sister bond. I love how much they love each other. But don't worry...Mama's got a soft spot for her little boy and he gets some serious lovin' too! I love that I get to experience being a mama to a boy and girls!


Friday, May 19, 2017

It's Fri-yay! Blair is putting her best foot forward and getting ready to step into the weekend. ;) Plus also why does she look like an ADULT?! Stop the madness!

Dress by LeleKids

This weekend we're (I'm) determined to finish a large section of painting that needs to be done in our house. Painting the entire inside of your house from flesh -toned paint to white and grey is no joke. Especially when your house is two stories (doh!). Between that and some toddler birthday party action we're up for a pretty thrilling weekend. ;) Happy Fri-yay! 

Nine Months

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

On Monday the twins turned 9 months! Time is seriously flying (now that we aren't getting up every two hours) and we're enjoying every minute with them. Every day more of their personality comes out and it's so fun getting a glimpse of who they will be.
Squeeze Me onesies by The Wishing Elephant

Both the twins like solids and now eat three times a day. They can crawl, sit up, babble, sleep all night, and neither of them have teeth..which I am thankful for! They don't like it when strangers get in their face and coo at them and they usually cry (so embarrassing!). They love Blair and it's honestly easier to have her home with me. They like stroller rides and don't mind quick car rides.

She loves giving big smiles and exploring. She crawls all around the house. She gives kisses but it has to be on her terms and she's selective about who gets them (usually Mama). ;) She continues to enjoy sucking her left thumb to soothe herself. When I put her down for a nap she lays her head down  on my shoulder and sucks her thumb. She usually goes right to sleep and wakes up and plays in her crib for sometimes 30 minutes!

You have to work to get a smile out of this guy. He likes focusing in on one toy and figuring out how it works. He can get on his knees to play with a toy and likes to stand. He gives sweet kisses often. He still loves sucking his middle and ring fingers on his left hand to soothe himself. When I put him down for a nap he rests his head on my chest for a second but perks up and likes to look around. He usually fusses before he goes to sleep and he wakes up and usually fusses right away.

I can't believe the babies have been out as long as they have been in! The best is yet to come I'm sure!

Mother's Day

Monday, May 15, 2017

I'm overwhelmed by and undeserving of His goodness. Never in a million years did I think that I wouldn't have enough arms to hold all my babies. I tear up just looking at this picture. For all the mamas in waiting or those who have lost their mama I know that today is hard. Not a Mother's Day will ever go by that I won't think of your hearts and how much they ache. Praying that you find comfort in Him. His plan is worth waiting for!

A "big number with a three in it" Hahahah sounds like 23 to me! 
Thankful for my babies and loved spending time with them over the weekend. We took an impromptu trip to the beach and grabbed coffee and lunch (because what else is there?). The weather was lovely and the company was pretty good too. ;)

Disney Days

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sadly our three day Disneyland passes we got are all used up. We had SO much fun going once a month before the busy summer worth it! We're also looking forward to going again this fall and staying at the Disneyland Grand California Hotel! Can't even wait.

I meeaaaan I know how to start off my day right at Disneyland...

Notice the tissue paper hanging from Blair's dress from a show we saw earlier in the day. She wanted to add some flair to her gown. ;) 

Outfits by Paradise Kids and Co.

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Last minute Mother's Day gift guide! Some things I'm loving lately...

Lash Serum

This stuff is LEGIT. It really does work and it way cheaper than Latisse. I've had several people ask about what I use on my lashes. Here's my dirty secret!

Gel Manicure Kit

This kit really does work and is just as quick as painting my nails. It lasts at least a week (as long as I can stand to look at the growth near my cuticle.) I love that I can turn any nail polish I already own into gel so I don't have to buy new polish.

Long Lasting Lip Color

I said it once I'll say it again...totally obsessed with this stuff! It really does last!

High Waist Workout Pants

I know I'm a broken record but seriously these things are bomb. They hold it allllll in!

LipSense Review

Monday, May 8, 2017

It is no secret that I am a lipstick fanatic. Every time someone tells me we are taking a picture I whip out my lipstick and apply. The problem is that I find myself re-applying like 5,000 times a day with all the eating, baby kissing, and more eating I do. ;) 

So I had heard about LipSense and guys...I LOVE it! This stuff is intense and really does last. It doesn't come off when I eat an apple or kiss the babies. 

Danielle sent me a kit which includes your shade of choice, the gloss, and remover. I chose Aussie Rose and I love the flirty shade of pink. It's not too bright so I feel good wearing it to preschool drop off, the grocery store, and it's deep enough to make me look alive in photos. 

If you guys have been wanting to try LipSense out now is your chance! If you mention my blog you can get 10% off your purchase. You can either order from Danielle on Facebook or Instagram (@theglossarybydanielle). Thanks, Danielle! No more scrambling for my lipstick or carrying it around in my pocket. Once it's on for the day I'm good!