Still in my Twenties and doin' Fine

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy birthday to me! B and I celebrated a little early by going to my favorite place...the donut shop! Sprinkles for all! Might have to hit that place up again today...

Notice the difference in size of her donut versus mine... At least one of us has portion control. If you're still not sure what to get me go check out my list here. Kidding! Kind of... ;)

Charlotte's First Birthday

Monday, April 29, 2013

Ahhhh praise the Lord, Daddy is home! M went on a fishing trip to Mammoth this weekend and boy did I miss him! I'm not really cut out for the single mom thing. Oy. The days with B were like any other but attending birthday parties/church/taking care of bedtime routine were not as fun without him! We missed you! Here is what we were up to without you...

Charlotte's First Birthday...

Seriously such a cute party! It was pinwheeled themed and hosted in their barn (yes, Barn!). I loved it!
my headband made by a friend of mine. similar here

happy first Charlotte!

darling pinwheel theme!

she can use this banner every year!

ranunculus and painted vases

baby play tent

the monkey says oo Oo

that carrot is makin her pretty happy!

too tired to flirt with Johnny...

well maybe not... Goin in for the smooch!

sweet little headband made specially by NaeNae :)

 Lots of birthday love for sweet little Charlotte! Hopefully some of that birthday love gets extended my way tomorrow when I turn 29! WHAT?! I know...old lady over here! No big birthday plans... M has been handing out birthday gifts since last Tuesday which has been pretty rad. I'm saving the party of the century till next year when the big three O arrives...

B's (updated) nursery

Friday, April 26, 2013

It seems that I'm constantly tweaking B's nursery but I think I'm finally finished with it! Well, maybe that never truly happens but when I walk in there isn't anything that stares at me in the face begging to be changed. I used my new OlloClip iphone accessory that the hubby got me for my birthday to snap some pictures of her room. I wish he had taught me how to use it beforehand (oops). Better luck next time!

I fell in love with this bumper by serena and lily years before I was even pregnant :) her whole room is based off of this print!

handmade bunting

still love that rug! PB

gallery wall inspired by pinterest
sweet bear she cuddles with from her auntie and uncle (etsy)

next time i will learn not to use fish eye (oy!) clock: PB

blocks: etsy

bank: zulily

anthro knobs

i Love this scent! bird: PB

serena and lily

crown hooks: etsy

nightlight: PB

chandie: PB

M is going on a manly trip to mammoth this weekend to go fishing. Ironically it will be the first time he has ever been away from B (i've been away TWICE!). Praying that he has a safe and fun trip and that I maintain sanity! ;)

Daily Grind

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Believe it or not I often have people ask me what I do all day. (Um, take care of a baby?!) While I find this mildly annoying humorous I decided to document the happenings of my daily life. I could have just written 6:30 am to 6:30 pm : Raise a Child. But I thought it would be a bit more interesting if I added a few more details...

6:30 am wake up, 7 am go for a jog and this happens...

8 am eat breakfast

greek yogurt, whole milk and fruit for B

oatmeal with brown sugar for me every day

8:30 am B plays

while I clean up and do dishes/laundry/feed dog etc.

9 am i read a few books to B then she gets cranky

so i change her diaper and put her down for a nap (clearly she LOVES this!)

we snuggle before nap time ( i LOVE this)

while she naps i enjoy coffee and quiet time
then i quickly get ready for the day
10 am she's up!
10 am i pick out her outfit

11 am we meet friends at the park and run errands. at 12 we eat lunch.

at 1 we have more snuggles before nap time

naptime allows me to continue preparing items for the baby consignment sale at church
naptime also allows me to write thank you's to some friends
4pm she's up and i drop her off at Lala's so I can drop off CAbi clothes

6pm babysitter comes over and we go to sushi for an early bday dinner
Whew! I'm tired just re-reading it all! Her afternoon nap is truly a blessing from God. Lately it's been 3 hours long...hallelujah! Clearly not every day is like this but it's pretty close to it! Nap time is sometimes used to do laundry, pay bills, clean up etc. On a rare occasion I'll use it to do something fun like scrap book, read, or take a nap. Typically I don't blog until she is in bed at 7. Then I shower and it's off to bed I go! I wouldn't trade any part of it for the world (ok, maybe those poopy diapers...).