Jewelry as art

Sunday, April 17, 2011

If you know me then you know that I truly love to be organized. I even enjoy organizing other people's things (my mom, husband, and college roommates know this all too well). A day of organizing can be just as fulfilling as a day of shopping. Okay, not really, but I do love it! This project began as an idea from my husband. He was getting pretty tired of untangling the knots out of my necklaces and suggested that I use my old photo board from college to get organized (mind you this is SO not is character). I used simple, clear push- pins to hold up my baubles. Now I have my necklaces organized and an interesting piece of art for guests to look at when they stay over. Tangles, be gone!

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  1. Nat, I LOVE this!! I have a jewelry tree in our bedroom that I made out of our wedding centerpiece branches :) Jewelry as art is awesome!!


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