Easter Eggs

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I’m not sure that an Easter has ever gone by without me dyeing eggs (maybe in college). I have tried many different ways to decorate eggs including tye dye, sparkle, stamping, stickers, etc. but I always return back to the classic dyes. Their colors are so vibrant that, to me, there is no other way to go. Usually, egg dyeing turns into a competition between my youngest brother, Jake, and me.  We line up our eggs in the egg carton, his on one side mine on the other, and ask my parents which row looks better. They play nice and say that they are both equally amazing (but we know what they really think…mine win!). This year I spent part of Easter weekend at San Clemente beach with my husband Matt and my less competitive brother, Kevin. Our eggs are pictured below. You be the judge. Who wins this year’s chocolate bunny? 

 yes, I did look up directions on how to make hard boiled eggs...

the tie dye look was not intentional but turned out fun

if I were an egg I would want a cute belt

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