3 pets, 3 vets, 3 weeks

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh, to be a parent! Of pets, that is! Matt and I have two wonderful pets, and one psycho kitty. Bella is our darling yellow lab, Stanley is our friendly gray kitty, and Scout is our devil rescue kitty. Over the past three weeks each one has come down with a certain ailment that prompted a vet’s immediate attention. I think God is preparing me for life with real children...

Three weeks ago Stan was not getting off of his bed or eating or drinking. We took him to the vet where they completed a rainbow of tests to check for kitty AIDS, obstructed intestines, broken bones, internal disorders etc. Finally, we decided on giving him a dose of antibiotics and voila! Our kitty was new again! Needless to say we were relieved and maybe let him sleep on our bed a couple nights…
Yesterday, when I returned home from work I noticed Bella had found a “treat” in the yard. Unfortunately, this treat was roach bait and not something that doggies should be snacking on. I panicked (as good mothers do) and grabbed her and the box and rushed her to the vet. Of course Bella had wolfed down the whole package (why stop at one?) and was wagging her tail like an idiot. Turns out roach bait isn’t lethal to dogs and after the vet made Bella vomit she was good to go. Despite feeling “high” the rest of the evening from the medication she was back to her happy self. 
As terrified as I am of our other cat, Scout, when she is sick or injured I still feel the need to care for her (as good mothers do). Last week Scout got in a cat fight, naturally, and came back with an infected paw. We knew she was suffering but had no idea how to corral her into a cage. Thankfully, we have neighbors who love all animals and managed to trap her in our dog crate. My fearless husband drove her down to the vet where she was treated (but not without scratching the vet). She now sits contained in the dog crate in our kitchen while she heals. Just know that if a burglar breaks into our house, I’m releasing the cat!   

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