Adirondack Chairs: Before and After

Friday, April 22, 2011

Matt and I enjoy DIY projects so these chairs were the perfect find. Some friends of ours deemed them as junk so we moved in for the kill. They were in pretty bad shape with some wood slats broken or missing, and the paint was shot. After much debating between the two of us about what color would suit them best, we decided to paint all four a traditional shade of red. I already have throw pillows with red blooms printed on them and a red tile bistro table on our DIY deck (more on that later!) so the chairs would match perfectly. Originally I thought sanding them and spraying them with red paint wouldn't be so bad. However, after five seconds of sanding I was sweating (and whining). Matt didn't have it so easy either, the paint sprayer was not being cooperative but eventually he got it working and wanted to paint everything in sight (boys.).  



 bistro table from Target

 outdoor throw pillow from Pottery Barn

 flower from our garden :)

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  1. Those chairs look great! I'm always looking on craigslist to find some ones in need of TLC like that. You guys have a great backyard setup!


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