Easter Lilies

Monday, April 25, 2011

just cut from the yard

our statement piece for spring

Last year we got serious about planting (and taking care of) bulbs to grow calla lilies. Matt and I have decided that we learn by making mistakes (lots of them). So, it was a big surprise to us when these flowers turned out so well! We have four bushes that give us at least ten lilies a week and are actually four feet high! Trust me, for us this is a miracle! We should have planted these in our front yard for shrubs when we bought out home four years ago. We are still anxiously awaiting the day for our supposed "shrubs" out front to own up to their name. These lilies have given me (and my neighbors) much joy for two reasons: one, I didn't kill the plant and two, I have a beautiful, free, fresh centerpiece every week! 

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