Small Booties and Big Socks

Friday, October 26, 2012

After getting my CAbi clothes order in the mail I decided some booties would be adorable with some of the pants I purchased. But I had to be reasonable with my choice in shoe because I'm not walking the runway halls of an elementary school all day anymore. Now I'm shuffling through Target, the grocery store parking lot, and Starbucks. And let's be real, heels and a baby don't mix too well. Here are the shoes I'm deciding between. Don't laugh at my brands of choice: ie Born, Sofft, and Naturalizer. (What?! They're comfy!)

cobb hill


sam edelman

(in black) naturalizer
And on top of my need want for some booties I also would like some knee high socks. I have a vision of them peeking out from my Frye boots. Notice I said peeking not hanging out. Here is what I'm talking about...

even this is a little too much sock...

No no no when the thigh shows it's just sleazy in my opinion

although this is kinda cute (but nonfunctional)

too much sock, too much thigh, not enough skirt...
There you have it! My bootie and sock preferences. I'm going to Nordstrom today with my Dad to pick out a birthday gift for my mom. Maybe I'll be able to talk the old man into some Christmas booties? Muahahah.

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