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Monday, October 22, 2012

Busy weekend! Our CAbi party was a huge success and lots of fun. We also went to Oak Glen with some friends and got to experience fall! It's funny because in Southern California when it gets below 80 we all get out our boots, and sweaters, and fur vests in my case. :)

18 pounds 6 ounces. I think she may finally be slowing down in this category... (thank goodness!)

Oy, last week was rough. B goes through teething phases without any results! I know she's teething because she swats at her ears and grinds her gums together. Last week she was just kind of discontent and wasn't napping as well as she normally does (see below). I gave her teething tablets and an occasional does of Tylenol. Poor babe. Gramma did confirm she's gettin something on her top gums!

The camera adds ten pounds right? I hope so...
As mentioned B has been having teething discomfort. Her naps have only been lasting 30-45 minutes and sometimes she wakes up grouchy (which is unlike her). I always try to see if she will go back to sleep but after 30 minutes of her rolling around of her crib I get her up. This is killing me though because I don't feel like I'm getting anything done and I can tell she isn't fully rested. UGH. Make up your mind, teeth! Either come or don't!

6-12 month. We are finally busting out some warmer gear. I feel like whenever I dress B in something long sleeved or pants she is telling me, "Mom, quit trying to make fall happen."

This weekend B saw lots of friends and family at a CAbi party that I hosted for my Aunt. If she was available for purchase everyone would have been getting out their wallets! JK :)

Still nursing every 3-4 hours (except night) and eating 2 ounces of baby food two to three times a day. Last week it was green beans and carrots. Next week asparagus and white potato. Funny story: so my mom was feeding her carrots while I was out and decided to try some. She realized about a spoonful too late that we make all our baby food with my breast milk, not water. Muahahaha. I bet those were the best carrots she's ever had! ;)

A general fussiness has set in due to teething. Also, whenever any men say hi to her around 5 pm she has a FIT. It has happened to my dad, my father-in-law, and my brothers. Poor guys. It's close to her bed time and she is just not in the mood I guess...

Rolling like crazy! Also, getting very close to a crawl. She puts her head down and pushes off her back legs. Once she learns to pick her head and midsection up she will be unstoppable! She also spins around on her tummy to reach toys in other directions. Every time she rolls over she looks at me to clap for her. It's so cute. :)

post partum
I signed up for a bootcamp last week and went on Thursday and Saturday. OMG I was SO sore! Let's just say running ten miles and lifting weights are two totally different things! I think this is going to be really good for me though. Time to tone this beezy up!



  1. She is sooo cute! Love the pumpkin patch photos!

  2. Omg! Love your pics! Especially your little one with her daddy! Hadley is teething too! Ugh!

  3. She is so stinking adorable. I love those big chubby thighs! Mac's finally starting to put some chubalub on his thighs too and I can't get enough!


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