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Monday, October 29, 2012

Ahhhh I had such a relaxing weekend! On Saturday we ran ten miles (ok that was not relaxing) and then Matt made me pumpkin apple pancakes from scratch (Sunset magazine recipe)! Blair took a three and a half hour nap and we had to wake her up! It was so nice to get some chores done around the house. After we woke her up M took her to run errands at Costco and Lowes. A little different scenery than what she's used to with me (Target, Baby Gap). While he was doing this I went to Nordstrom to pick out some shoes I wanted for Christmas. I hit up Starbucks on the way. So, yes, it was a good day. :) That night we went to a Halloween party and had a girl who I used to babysit come over and babysit B! Super easy since she was sleeping the whole time. :)

On Sunday we went to an amazing pumpkin patch called Live Oak. I'm sold! They had a corn maze, sunflower fields, an incredible selection of pumpkins (you could pick them off the vine), tons of bad for you good food, live music, a petting zoo, games/jumpers for toddlers, and great picture opportunities! Clearly, I was impressed. For SURE going every year as a tradish. Annnnd were definitely going there during Christmas time.


Prob still about 18 and a half pounds. Lets just say people still stop to marvel at her thighs...


I think this round of teething has subsided. Still with no teeth. By the grace of God she hasn't been sick yet. Even with the exposure to germs through Sunday school. Yay for antibodies in breast milk!


She's a trooper. I've been doing all sorts of social outings lately which has been jamming her naps. She makes sure to let me know that she is tired by screaming her head off until I hold her (see stroller strides event below). I've always said she's a good baby, unless its nap time or bed time then all she wants is her sleep. Can you blame her?


6-12 months or nine months depending on the brand/item. I got some super cute stuff from baby gap on sale. Wrapping it up for Christmas!


Lots going on! She's still going to Sunday school and Bible study twice a week. Last Friday we tried stroller strides and it was great except that it was right in the middle of nap time and she was MAD. She screamed in that stroller unless we were moving (which wasn't a lot because there were SO many moms). I ended up doing a lot of moves with her on my hip. She just added to my workout. :) I would love to try it again when she gets older and drops her morning nap.

Last Friday we also went to our church's trunk or treat. B was the cutest cow there!


Still nursing in the day every three to four hours. Last week she ate asparagus and white potato. This week we are moving on to plums and broccoli. She has yet to refuse anything we give her. Just like her mama, the girl loves food! We feed her two ounces of food about twice a day. I'm hoping the plums start to get things moving for her...


When she is tired she gets MAD! She has started pushing off of me with all four limbs when she's exhausted. She also still rubs her eyes, and lately really throws her body backwards and arches her back when tired. The nice thing is that usually she can find her thumb and that soothes her instantly.


Been loving her fleece Halo sleep sack since the weather is cooling down. Kind of...


Babbling! This girl can TALK! Well, not technically but she is all about making noise. And much to my dismay she is really good at saying dadadadada. It makes Matt beam with pride as if he taught her himself. And he usually gloats when this happens and I glare and go on to say mamamama. He doesn't know that "d" is easier to say than "m". Just kidding I just made that up. It may or may not be the case. Either way she's saying ma, ba, da, t, ha, na, ya. It's very cute! I'm sure her first words are right around the corner.

Post partum

Ran our ten miles. I'll be glad when the half marathon is done. Running ten miles just hurts the bod and takes up too much time on the weekend. I've really been enjoying the boot camp I go to twice a week. I've been so sore which is good and bad at the same time. Matt is talking about doing a full marathon. I say have fun without me...


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