Six Month Photo Shoot (more)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Here are the rest of B's photos from her six month shoot. She has so many cute expressions! I have to say she is just TOO cute! But I'm biased. I can't even decide which ones to choose to frame. Oh, the problems of a stay at home mom... ;)

she think she's pretty cute (me too)

so full of wonder!

kiss me

those eyes


mama is so fun!

yellow is my color

love my mama

what?  yeah this is my dad. i know he's good looking!

photo shoot OVER
Thanks AGAIN to the talented Carrie Johnson! What would I do without her? Not have cute pictures that's for sure...

PS B turned 7 months on Thursday. SO big!


  1. the last picture!! By far the best, who doesn't love a crying baby shot, omg adorable!

  2. Beautiful!! Have you considered a couple of those prints on canvas? Love B's eyes!!

  3. that top one.. is my favorite;
    she is so frickin adorable. i love her eyes

  4. Gosh, she keeps getting cuter by the day! Just love her sweet little face!!

  5. love her headbands, where do you get them?

    1. the white one is from nordstrom and the yellow one i bought while on vacation in maui. but try etsy because they have TONS of cute ones!


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