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Monday, October 8, 2012

Finally we have had some relief with cooler weather! I still haven't been able to wear closed toed shoes yet but it's coming... I can feel it!

Last weekend we went to our ten year high school reunion. All I can say is that it was fun to spend time with our good friends but I feel like Facebook has killed the whole concept of a reunion. Reunions are all about catching up with people and seeing what they have been up to since high school but Facebook allows all of that with a click of a button. It's easy and you don't even have to get off the couch to see who got married or who had a baby.

I didn't even have to get out my iPhone to show everyone how cute my SEVEN (what?!) month old is...they already knew! ;)


I guess 19 or 20 pounds


Growing stronger every day!


To bed at 6:30 and rises at 6:30. She naps twice a day each nap is about an hour and a half. Works for me!


Nine months or six to twelve


B is doing great with separation anxiety. In fact I decided she never struggled with that but instead was unhappy about taking a bottle. She spent Saturday morning with her grandpa while M and I ran ten miles (ew). And she did great at church and Bible study. This week we have lots of plans. Wednesday night we are having dinner with my brother Jake, Blair's uncle, and we haven't seen him since he left for college. Thursday night we are walking with a bunch of families from church up a local exercise path. Then Friday we are going to an apple picking orchard to have a nice fall day. And this weekend we are headed to the beach! Big plans!


Last week she ate peas and bananas (a new favorite!). This week she tries peaches and apples. Still nursing with every meal. I gave her some pear juice with water to try and ease up the rocks that are her poop (poor girl). Seemed to help. Been meaning to try probiotics... Maybe this week?


Still only when she's tired!


Rolling! She is obsessed with going back and forth across the family room. Right now she's only really good at rolling towards the left so we use this to our advantage. :)

Post partum

Made it through ten miles. Found out about "chub rub" the hard way. Thighs rub in shorts. Arms rub in tank tops, and it goes on. Sigh. The dilemma of a runner. So what did I do? Bought dri fit shirts with sleeves and made sure to wear pants. :)



  1. She is do adorable! What a sweet little face!

    Body glide is the greatest invention ever! Prevents chaffing and if you already have it then it helps heal chaffing! I use it every time I run!

  2. I think it's so awesome that you're running...go girl! And B is just so sweet! I just love her big baby blues!

  3. I think it's so great that you are running! I cannot wait to start running again after this pregnancy. I agree with the comment above...Body Glide is amazing! I used it on every long run, including the marathons and it works great!

  4. She is so gorgeous! I hate chub rub lol didn't know what it was until pregnancy!


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