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Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm in a bad mood. I just typed half of this post and then hit some random key and it deleted off my iPad. Usually I'm not this brief but I'm annoyed. UGH. And it's hot which makes me uncomfortable and grouchy.

Here is Blair's weekly update.


Still a tank


Blair is pooping real human poops now! She grunts away which cracks me up (pun intended). People told me to fear the solid poops but I actually prefer them. I just grab them with a wipe and throw them in the toilet. Added bonus: no mess to rinse out of the cloth diapers. Way easier than breastmilk poos!


No complaints here! Here is what our day looks like: 7am wake/ nurse, 8am walk/run with a small nap in the stroller, 10am eat solids and nurse, 10:30 nap, 12:30 wake from nap and run errands, 2pm nurse and nap, 3 wake and play, 5pm eat solids, 5:30pm bath, 6pm walk, 6:30 bed. Pretty sweet deal!


Nine month onesies. 6-12 month everything else. Although all we are wearing lately are onesies because it's so bloody hot!


Doing much better at Sunday school and Bible study. Yesterday she got out of Sunday school because she was volunteering greeting...


Still nursing every 3-4 hours. So far she has eaten rice cereal, oatmeal, squash, avocado, banana, pear, and sweet potato. She tries peas next. She loves it all. No surprise... The girl loves to eat!


She cries when she's ready for her nap.


B has been rolling onto her tummy while in her crib lately! I will wake up to her talking and see her on her tummy talking to her puppy. Usually she rolls back to her back but sometimes she just gets mad so I go in and help her out. She has also mastered thumb sucking. She goes to town! I'll allow it for now...

Post partum

Ran my nine miles. M ran with me the first five but then stopped because his knee was bothering him. S I was left by my lonesome for the last four. I was dying. But I did finish without walking! I will never understand how people do marathons. Never.



  1. I love her pjs and thats a great schedule!

  2. She is simply adorable! My babe is 5 weeks old, and I love looking at posts like this to see what is to come! :)



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