Motherhood Mondays

Monday, October 15, 2012

We had a very eventful weekend between the pumpkin patch with girlfriends and the beach with grandparents. It was fun but when I get home I always feel like I have lots to do. This week I am going to the Carrie Underwood concert Tuesday night with my mom for an early birthday present for her. I am also preparing for a CAbi party I'm throwing this Saturday. Lots to do!


18.6 pounds.


Took B to the doctor because she had small blisters on her right thumb. At first I freaked and thought it was the start of hand foot mouth disease. Then I thought maybe she was allergic to peaches. Come to find out, it's nothing. She's just been sucking her thumb so much she irritated it. The woes of a new mom...


Still sleeping well at nighttime and nap time. I was especially proud of her for hanging in there while at the pumpkin patch. She pretty much only slept an hour total that day but wasn't cranky at all! I was also proud of her for sleeping so well at the beach in a foreign place. (Her sound machine broke and she still did well!)


9 month and 6-12 month


B went to the pumpkin patch and the beach last weekend. She also saw her Uncle Jake who was visiting from college.


Breast milk every three hours still (except over night). This week she eats carrots and zucchini for the first time. Yay veggies!


She let the Sunday school teachers hear how loud she can cry yesterday. :( she was so tired and needed some sleep. Eventually she fell asleep in their arms but yowza... Lately when any older man gets in her face when she's tired she has a melt down. I happened with my dad, Matt's dad, and now the children's director at our church. Oh B...


B has been GREAT with other people watching her (unless exhausted, see above story). My mom has been watching her more frequently during the week while I run errands and Matt's dad has been watching her while we go on our long runs. She seems to really enjoy spending time with them!

Post partum

Ran ten miles again. This time it was at the beach along the beach trail which was pretty wonderful!



  1. Would you be offended if I stole your "Motherhood Mondays" idea? I think it is a FABULOUS way to track them growing up!


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