Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 I thought I would show you a few more photos that my friend sent to me from the day B was born...

no contractions...


trying to ease the contraction pain on a ball

seeing B after she was born

seeing B after she was born

tiny toes!

uncles and auntie!

happy grandparents!

bff and photographer

we did it!

A big thank you to Emily for nominating me for most versatile blogger! Visit her here!

BW update: Monday night was great but yesterday was HARD. B decided to only nap for a half hour in her bed practically all day. That is until my mom came over and I allowed her one "snuggle nap" with her in which she slept 2 hours! I'm telling you, that baby loves human contact! I decided that I will remain a nazi when it comes to her sleeping in her bed at night but I may have to be more flexible in the day with where she sleeps. As long as she doesn't always need to sleep on me or in the moby I don't care. Car seat, Rock n Play, pack in play...whatever. If she's sleeping and I can get things done then so be it! I'm still going to attempt the bed at every nap time and let her cry for fifteen minutes to see if she will put herself down but if it ain't happening there then I'll be trying something else for my sanity. :)


  1. Hi Natalie,

    I found your blog through your Mom's link on FB. I was a leader with her in BSF and I am currently in the night class. Anyway, I have been reading your blog for awhile now and love it! You have a beautiful family and a great sense of humor. I have 2 kids that are 7 and 9 so I have been where you are with getting a newborn to sleep. My daughter napped in her swing until she was too big for it, LOL! but slept great in her bed at night. I just wanted to encourage you that even if B does not nap in her bed, she still may do okay at night. I loosely followed BW and my daughter was sleeping through the night at 12 weeks old. You are a wonderful mama and I will be praying for you.

    God bless,
    Gina Gall :)

  2. Love these photos Natalie...the emotion on your and Matt's face is priceless. Hope you continues to get a pattern set...so sweet of your mama to come over to nap with her so you could get things done!

  3. I don't know if this works. Since I am childless (for now!) but there is a product called the Zaky that is supposed to make your child think she is being held. I bought one for my sister when she went back to work, so her scent would be on it to soothe my nephew while he was at grandmas. They are sort of creepy looking but hey, if it works?!


    Good luck!

  4. I think you're doing great, Natalie!! So many mommies wouldn't be this strong already with the tough sleeping issues. I think working on 1 thing at a time is perfect. You're making such progress at night, so focus on that!! And even though it's a pain for you now that Blair is all about human contact, you're going to have such a LOVE for the rest of your life!! You'll get priceless cuddle times with her during her whole childhood because she loves it!! You'll be so glad for this later. : )


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