I Work Out!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Last Sunday M and I finally ventured out to church with B. It was good to get out and as long as we time it right with her nursing it seems to be no big deal. I have also been making "walking dates" with some of my girlfriends which has been helping with my feelings of loneliness.

Another new endeavor for me is that I started running jogging again! I gave it a whirl after my doctor said that I was good to go. But, Oh Man!, was it hard! I thought that my neighborhood was flat but it turns out there is a slight incline... which makes it very hard for someone who hasn't run in nine months to get back on the horse!

Monday's run started out ok until Bella pooped. When I stopped to do doggy duty B started crying. I was so annoyed at Bella for pooping! I let her cry for a while and then she stopped right as I was getting ready to take her out and console her. This seemed to be the pattern for our run. Tuesday's run went better (Bella didn't have to go #2) but towards the end B started up again. Nothing like a hungry, crying infant to get my tail moving! I hauled back to our house in record time.

Some of you have been asking about how I got back into shape. Well, first of all I am far from being in shape. As far as losing the weight...I'm closer than I thought I would be but still not on target. I have about 5-6 pounds to lose before I get back to what I weighed when I got pregnant. However, I'm looking to lose about five pounds on top of that. So that brings me to a grand total of 10 pounds.

When I got home from the hospital I was solely relying on breast feeding to keep the weight down. Eventually I started walking and now I'm easing my way back into running. M and I are both determined to lose a few so we downloaded the free app called "my fitness pal." A few of my friends use it and recommended it and we have really enjoyed it! It basically helps you keep track of the calories you have eaten, gives you a set amount based on your stats, and allows you to factor in exercise as well. In the end it's basically portion control and exercise. Which is common sense. I like it because you can link up with other friends who are using the app and see their progress as well. It makes dieting kinda fun! Ok, not really.

So far I've lost 7 pounds and am hoping to continue to see a downward trend! And while I'm fitting into my old jeans, it's not an easy zip, if you know what I mean! Tell me what you have done to lose your baby weight?

In other news last weekend we went to a friends house to celebrate her birthday. I loved getting out and having adult conversations! It was fun to pass B around and let people hold her. I know my shoulders and back appreciated the break! Here we are...

Gwen: my high school swim coach and M's family friend since he was a baby

Gwen's daughter Megan...she's so much fun!


  1. I definitely need to check out that app!! So proud of your motivation! Go girl!!

  2. You look amazing and that is so awesome that you are able to get back into running!! I saw that you have the BOB and we just purchased one as well (we are due next month). Did you use the car seat adapter to run with B or did you do without? We are currently debating as to whether or not we should buy the adapter. Thanks!

    1. Becky, no car seat adaptor. We just tuck blankets on the sides to keep her head from wobbling too much. I love the bob!

  3. Keep up the good work... For me the last 5 pounds were for the hardest! And I before I could really work at the last few I was pregnant again, haha!


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