Thursday, April 5, 2012

B and I are starting to get a daily routine down which feels great! She eats around 6am then I put her back to bed and go pump downstairs. After M goes to work we sleep in till about 9am then she's ready to eat. I nurse her, get her dressed for the day and then take her to my bathroom where she watches me get ready for the day (this consists of some mascara and workout clothes. so not me!). By 10 am we head downstairs and I put her in the Moby wrap (she LOVES this thing) while I make my oatmeal and eggs sunnyside up. :) For the record I'm still totally into chocolate milk and take my vitamins with it!

After I eat we go for our morning walk around 10:30 am with Bella. Or if I'm lucky I have a girlfriend come over and we go together. Yesterday my friend Rikki came over and spent the whole day with me (it's her spring break). SUCH a sweet friend! The day before that my friend Danielle came over with her two boys and we enjoyed a nice walk with lots of mommy talk. :)

Rikki and B
We get back around 11:30 and at 12 B is ready for lunch! More nursing...

In the afternoon I pick up the house and do little odds and ends (blog. maybe.). M gets home around 6 in the evening and he makes dinner and spends some time with B. Around 8 I start B's bedtime routine (just started this last night) and by 9 we all try to go to bed. Then M goes to sleep and I wait in fearful  anticipation of what the night will hold!

Yesterday evening I left M with B and ran out to do some errands. We have noticed that she gets kinda cranky around this time but it hasn't ever been too horrible. Except for last night of course. :( M was stuck with a wailing baby. I felt horrible for him. He was frustrated and nothing is worse than hearing your baby crying when you are on the phone. I came home as quickly as I could but I won't be leaving home at that time again... Any daddy suggestions? I hope she's not already becoming one of those "never leaves mommy's hip" babies...

Another side note: While my girlfriend Rikki was here she encouraged me to start getting out everyday. I think she's right (hence my late night errand last night to get a mirror so I can see B in the car). So today on my "to-do" list I included going to the bank to make a deposit. I intend on starting to make trips to the store, Target, etc. on a more frequent basis. Wish me luck! A crying baby in public makes me very nervous...

Finally, M has work off tomorrow so we are going to take advantage of that and go furniture hunting. We are on the prowl for unique items (sorry, Target) of good quality (Craig's list!) that may need a little extra work (such as paint etc). My Aunt Marla found these lovely chairs that I think we will purchase for our kitchen table...

We are also on the prowl for a kitchen table (oval or round), a buffet, some lamps, a headboard, and a desk. We have deemed these as essentials. I'm excited to take our time waiting till we find exactly the items that we want. No rush...we have the rest of our lives!

here is what I have in mind...

fat chance
Wish us luck!


  1. So glad you have a routine down! I think getting out during the day sounds fantastic and will help you both adjust to day-to-day life. Good luck with your furniture shopping...LOVE those seagrass chairs!

  2. It makes the world of a difference when you have a routine and you can start getting back to normal life! Trevor had, what we call, PM Fussing. He was super fussy in the evenings and it lasted until he was 2 months old. It didn't matter if it was me or daddy home. He needed to be held, fed, or bounced constantly for a few hours each evening. But, luckily he grew out of it! Reese had it a little for a few weeks. Sometimes there is nothing you can do but just wait for them to grow out of the stage that they're in. I'm currently waiting for Trevor to grow out of his terrible toddler stage =) Just know that every child is different and that you have to figure out for yourself what works best for your family. It looks like you're doing great and getting the swing of things. I wish I lived closer and I'd be out walking with you too =)

  3. Glad you two are starting to get into a routine! I think trying to get everyday, even for just a quick trip is a great idea for both of you :)



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