28 is great!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Today is the big day...my birthday :). 28 years ago my mom was beginning to endure what I am currently going through. It's weird to think about. And it really gives me a whole new respect for her and all the sacrifices she went through to raise me and my brothers. I could not have understood her hardships in being a new stay at home mom without having gone through it myself. I now understand how hard it was for her being at home all day, every day caring for an infant while life goes on in the "outside world." Just this week I was telling her that I couldn't imagine being a mom 28 years ago with NO iphone! It's my connection to the outside world and she didn't have anything close to that...how awful! :) But seriously...

still taking care of a baby!
Last weekend my bff's flew down from San Jose to meet baby B and spend time with me for my birthday. It was SO great to have them here all weekend. They were SO helpful and did my laundry, changed my sheets, cooked, did the dishes, and spent quality time with me and B. I so needed time with my girlfriends! Saturday we they laid out by the pool ( I was nursing/trying to get B to nap and lay out all at the same time. not so easy). Then that night my family came over for a BBQ. It was fun to use our jacuzzi and pool. As it turns out our new house is pretty great for entertaining and hanging out.

love them SO much!

me, b, and di at sushi dinner!

kel, me, and di at bday bbq

can't wait to frame this! 

not sure we will be making a "cupcake" birthday cake again... but it was delicious! 
Tonight M and I are going out to dinner to celebrate. His parents are watching B...what a great birthday gift!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a great birthday celebrating with your besties! How sweet that they helped around the house too! Love that!! Enjoy your day! xo

  2. Happy Birthday!! You look like you all had a blast and I am glad you had some quality time with your girlfriends!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you enjoyed your dinner with M!


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