Baby Wise: The first 48 hours

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

OMG I am so bummed! I spent all this time yesterday writing a post and then blogger re-vamped it's look and away went my post with the old blogger format. :( This does not make a mommy who could have been napping while blogging yesterday happy!

I'm not rewriting all the BW details from yesterday. Basically overall it was a good day. She had two solid naps and is doing less crying when I lay her down. Last night was SO great too! I went to bed at midnight and B woke up at 3:00 for her bottle with M, then at 5:30 to nurse with me. She went back down till 7:30. I got about 6 hours of sleep...which is good! ( I can't believe I consider this to be "good". The old me was not happy unless I got 8 or more hours!)

I re-read a big chunk of my BW book and realized the scheduling isn't as rigid as I thought. It's all about assessing your baby and doing what is best for them in that circumstance. So, if B wakes up a little early from a nap and I give her a chance to soothe herself back to sleep but she doesn't, then I get her up and feed her. My mom said it quite well yesterday, "Babies aren't robots!" I'm so happy to have Blair on a flexible schedule and am definitely going to put our next baby in their own bed immediately.

I got some fun things in the mail yesterday. Here they are:

a collage i ordered for B's room. this isn't how i will lay it out but you get the idea.
our new kitchen table! we searched high and low for a  round table and finally found one we like. thanks crate and barrel! this week i'm on the hunt for some seagrass chairs that fit comfortably under this table because the ones at z-gallerie were going to be a tight fit...
Well, we are on day three of BW today and I can say that naps are getting better along with nighttime sleep. Keep praying that we continue to make progress and that I continue to gain confidence. I have some more new great delivery shots for tomorrow's post...stay tuned!


  1. Hey there! I'm a new follower, I found you from my cousin Page! I love your blog, and congrats on your baby, she's precious! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award, you can look at my last post and you will find directions on what to do! :)

  2. your kitchen is gorgeous. and huge. i think we have that exact same tile in our bathroom. love the colors!

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