Five Years Down... Forever to go!

Monday, April 2, 2012

On Saturday Matt and I celebrated our five year anniversary. It was quite different from any of our other anniversaries given the fact that we have a BABY now! We actually left Blair at home alone with Matt's parents. It was her first (and definitely not last) experience away from mommy and daddy. We went out to dinner at a local sushi restaurant (since I have been banned from raw fish my whole pregnancy). I researched the effects of eating raw fish while breast feeding and decided it was fine. I also splurged and had a beer (some say it's good for milk production...who knew?) 

no that is not apple juice ;) and no you're not allowed to judge me
 We had a great time on our date and while I did think about B the whole time (mostly just wondering if she was being good or not) I was able to relax a bit and spend some time with just M. I found myself checking out all the other parents at the restaurant and thinking that they understood what we were going through. It's funny how now when past experiences are brought up now I instantly categorize them in my head as "before baby" or "after baby." For example I saw a picture from my brother's college graduation and I remember thinking "That was before baby. I got lots of sleep then." Life is just SO different now! It's incredible.

a very tired looking couple about to celebrate 5 years of marriage!

Afterwards we stopped by starbucks and ordered some much needed coffee. We joked around about how lame low key our anniversary was but then I reminded M that we went to Maui in January for an early 5 year celebration.We also seriously thought about not going to dinner at all but instead parking in a cul-de-sac and napping for two hours. This is our life now...

M was so sweet and went to the grocery store for me yesterday and came home with an anniversary gift. A card, flowers from our old home, fashion magazines, and peeps (a guilty pleasure for me). I was a total loser this year and couldn't even muster up a card. I told him that his present was in the other room napping in a cradle. Ha. 

i really did love my gifts! just what this mama needed!

cake pops that matt's mom made and chocolate covered strawberries brought over by my friend kristen.

Here's this weekend's awkward/awesome

- having my bff carrie come to my house to take care of my roots and cut Matt's hair at 8pm! now that is friendship!
- having matt's parents babysit (and say they would do it again!)
- eating sushi and having a beer
- matt's dad coming over and helping with a ton of yardwork

-having all of my chest out while carrie did my hair and I nursed B (I thought this may be able to go under the awesome category considering she was there for B's birth because it really wasn't that awkward. However I put it here because it may be awkward to others. ;))

Last Friday I wrote about my frustration with Blair's sleeping habits at night. I'll be sharing more on that tomorrow. The good news is that it's getting better. Everything is relative though! I had tons of great advice from some knowledgeable mommies out there. Thank you! I soak up everyone's suggestions like a sponge because you never know what may work!


  1. Awww Happy Anniversary! You two look great for being sleep deprived! And so nice that your friend Carrie can make house calls. What a life saver!!

  2. You would never know that you two are so sleep deprived. You both looked great and I hope you had an awesome anniversary!!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!! Glad you enjoyed a beer!

  4. I love that time with me makes the "awesome", and "awkward" on the same day. ;) I thought it was pretty awesome. I love how good you make me sound on your blog. Hahahahahaha :)Let's just forget about all the whining and complaining I did, while I was doing your hair. Although you probably don't remember anyways because you are sleep deprived! LOL


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