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Monday, April 16, 2012

So less than 24 hours before the craziness of having a baby happened we moved across town. We were about to (very quickly) grow out of our two bedroom one bathroom 1916 home so we made the tough choice to leave our quaint little bungalow and buy a newer 2001 home with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. 

Most of you know about my friend Carrie who took B's adorable newborn pictures here. Well, her younger brother has started his own business called Piggy Boxes, and decided to allow us to be his guinea pigs (pun intended) and try out his new product/service. 

It's basically a way to help people move easier and more effectively. What he does is supply durable, stack-able (pink!) boxes by delivering them to your home. He includes dollies, zip ties (also pink!) to keep the lids closed, labels, and packing paper (so your hands/items don't get dirty from newspaper) So a couple days before we moved he and his fiance dropped off some boxes and I started packing those babies full! I LOVED not having to tape boxes together (aka home depot moving boxes) and it was nice that my hands weren't getting filthy with newspaper print. 

On the day that we moved our friends and family were fighting over the "piggy boxes" because they were the easiest ones to load and carry. They stacked so perfectly onto one another. Even at 35 weeks pregnant I was able to carry one end of a box with some assistance on the other side. 

I didn't know that moving could ever be so fashionable either! I squealed (pun intended) with delight when I saw that I would be moving with style! My only suggestion to make the boxes better would be to add some bling. Kidding. ;)

I had NO idea we had acquired so much stuff so I didn't request as many boxes as I should have. This is what moving looks like without piggy boxes...

i'm so embarrassed to even be showing you this picture...i'm sure our neighbors were terrified!

what a mess!

two thumbs down :(

this is what moving looks like with...

moving in style!

so neat!
This service couldn't have been offered to us at a more opportune time! These are the things I like most about Piggy Boxes:
- eco-friendly
-easy to pack
- stackable
-no tape
- convenient
- stylish! :) 

But don't take my word for it...try it out yourself! Check out their facebook page and website.


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm moving from Virginia to new York and I would die if I had pink boxes to move stuff with!!!

  2. What a great way to get the word out there for new businesses! Wish I was moving soon! Ha! Do you buy or rent the boxes? I'm thinking how useful, sanitary, & cute they would be to store baby clothes when Blair (or my little one) has grown out of them!!


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