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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Last night we gave B her first real bath! (Don't do the math on how long she's been home and the fact that we're just getting around to this...). I say her first real bath because the last bath she had was just your basic wash cloth rub down. B is not a fan of the bath but I think it's because she gets cold. 

gettin nakey for her bath
Last night was no exception. However, although she did cry I think that if the air was warmer she would have enjoyed herself. Every time Matt poured warm water over her head or body her crying subsided. Here are a few shots of her in her tub (great gift btw...thanks mom!). I would totally recommend this Puj tub to anyone who's looking.

The tub fit perfectly in the sink and had just the perfect amount of water in it. It has little drains around it too just in case the water gets too high.

Yesterday was a great day and I think B and I are finally getting into a routine. I have come to the realization that her 3:30 am feeding is just going to be something we have to overcome. She just wants to be awake after she eats at that time. She doesn't cry just wants to make noises and stare at mommy (even though I turn the lights off I can still tell her peepers are open).

Today we are going for a walk with M's mom and then my friend Brooke is coming over for a visit. Big plans! I still have lots to tell you about being a mom and just how DIFFERENT it is from life before. I have lots of time to sit around and think and definitely have some questions for all you mommies out there! Have a great Thursday! Wait, Tuesday? Ah, Wednesday. Yeah Wednesday. ;)


  1. Awww look at her in her first bath! So sweet. She is just so tiny and precious! Happy you two are getting into a routine!! xo

  2. I just found your blog awhile back and what an amazing journey you and your daughter have already been on. Good luck to you and a suggestion re: making bath time more enjoyable -- use 2 wash cloths. Keep her covered with one and use the other as your bathing tool. Eventually, she will start to enjoy it but the temperature is just too much for some babies.

  3. Her little scrunched up face is adorable. I love it! Good parenting, you two!!


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