Day 9

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Today I visited Blair in the morning and she took a good amount of her bottle but not quite the whole thing in 20 minutes. In order for B to come home she has to take a full bottle with no breathing problems at every feeding for 24 hours. Right now this seems like quite a milestone but I am sure she will get there by the end of the week. (praying!). Every time another set of parents come in with their car seat I can help but get a little jealous. I want to me the mommy with the car seat taking my little girl home. But, I also want to make sure she is ready to go home. 

so alert for her feeding!
This evening Matt met me at the hospital in time for Blair's 6:00 feeding. The nurse let me breast feed her before giving her the bottle and I was so proud of little B! She was alert and very excited to nurse. The nurse said she was like a "barracuda" because her suck was so aggressive! The lactation consultant helped me to position herself and myself to get the best latch. B has a good suck and opens her mouth wide but would often throw her head back. I'm trying to be patient as I know this is a learning process for the two of us. 

bottom's up!
One of my favorite things about visiting B is snuggling with her after she eats. I just can't get enough of her little body. I love to kiss her and rub her head and back. She is such a sweet little peanut. I know when I get home I am not going to get anything done because we will be so busy cuddling! And that is ok with me. :) I love her SO much! I'm really starting to feel like a mommy. I am feeling confident in diaper changing, and dressing her. Next up is breast feeding!

Hopefully by the end of this week B will be ready to go home. No one at the NICU has made any promises to as when she is coming home but that is my unprofessional guess. 

Today we had two big blessings from God. First, my friend Andie brought us dinner (yum!) and second, Kaiser confirmed that M and I will not owe one penny for B's stay in the hospital. My insurance through the school district is so great that everything is covered...even two weeks in the NICU! Praise God, He is SO good!  

I can already see how God is using me throughout this massive trial. Today at Bed, Bath, and Beyond the checkout lady and I got to talking about my hospital bands and one thing lead to another and before I knew it I was telling her how prayer has gotten us through this situation. I can see how this experience is going to strengthen me and my relationship with the Lord. He is weaving together a great testimony for me so that I can one day help others in similar situations.

Please continue to pray for B to be successful in her feedings. To take a whole bottle in one sitting consistently. And to be successful at breast feeding. For me to be patient for her. And continued prayer for M and I to feel well rested.

PS many of you have requested to make a meal for us. Please email Andie at to set up a time and date. Thank you!


  1. WOW! She looks so great in these photos - by the look of things I agree with you and think she'll be home in no time :)

    Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!


  2. Natalie, I came across your blog a little while ago via Natasha @ Schue Love. I have been reading your daily posts on baby Blair and felt compelled to tell you how much my heart goes out to your family. You and baby Blair have been in my thoughts and prayers. Several of your posts have brought me to tears...especially about driving home without her. You are one strong Mama and I pray that God continues to give you and your husband strength throughout this journey. Blair is beautiful and I will pray for continued success for her and for the both of you with breastfeeding (no one really told me, but it can be a huge hurdle for at least a month) I just had to be determined (and get through the nipple pain). It will be a beautiful thing for both of you and I am so happy to hear she is making good progress!

  3. That's fantastic news about not having to pay for B's stay at Kaiser! That has to be such a relief! Prayers for you guys every day!

  4. Wow, that is fantastic news about Kaiser Natalie!! What a blessing. I will praying that she continues to improve her eating and can come home with you two by this weekend! xo


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